According to the statement made by TEKNOFEST, a new one has been added to TEKNOFEST’s technology competitions.

The Experiment Card Robolig Contest, which will be held for the first time in TEKNOFEST Ankara, will be the first competition held in robolig format within the scope of the festival.

The competition is being implemented with the aim of expanding the project portfolio of the locally developed Experiment Card and bringing project productivity to high technology enthusiasts.

A total of 270 thousand TL will be awarded.

Primary, secondary, high school, university and graduate, doctorate, open education students can participate in the competition, which consists of two stages.

In the first stage, the contestants will take the online exam. Teams that are successful in the first stage will be invited to TEKNOFEST Ankara, which will take place on August 30-September 3, and in the second stage, teams at primary and secondary school levels will prepare projects, while high school and university levels will try to fulfill their field tasks.

In the competition, where the applications will end on August 10, a total of 270 thousand TL will be awarded.

Experiment Card

According to the information given, Experiment Card, developed using Turkey’s engineering resources and implemented jointly by the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and entrepreneurs, provides users with “Electronic Programming”, “Internet of Things” (Internet of Things) with its powerful processor, durable design and versatile input/output pins. It offers the opportunity to carry out projects at all levels, from entry level to industrial applications in the fields of IoT) and “Artificial Intelligence”.

Developed using national engineering resources, the Experiment Electronic Development Kit provides users with the opportunity to develop projects in autonomous vehicles, smart cities, agriculture, health, logistics, energy, industry and similar technological fields that will bring society to the digital age.

Experiment Electronic Development Kit aims to create a long-term user ecosystem and to acquire the habit of using the product by using it in the Trainings of Experiment Technology Workshops.

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