According to the BBC’s report, it is estimated that there will be no limit to the number of content that can be viewed in the free application.

While the similarity of the new platform to Twitter is remarkable in the visuals of the interface of the application, Meta announced that Threads will be a “text-based chat application”.

Threads, which will be downloaded from the App Store, will have access to many data such as location information, purchased products and internet history.

Threads could be a real competitor to Twitter

On the other hand, Threads is not the first app to come out as a competitor to Twitter.

In addition to “Truth Social” owned by former US President Donald Trump, “Mastadon” and “Bluesky” applications were competitors to Twitter.

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, known for successfully applying ideas from other companies to his social media platforms, is expected to be a real competitor to Twitter with his financial resources.

Aiming to reach hundreds of millions of accounts with Threads, which will work integrated with Instagram, Zuckerberg hopes to attract those who stopped using the platform due to various decisions made by Elon Musk after he bought Twitter.

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Content view limit on Twitter

Musk announced on July 2 that users were temporarily limited to viewing content in order to determine the manipulation on the platform.

Noting that verified accounts can view 8,000 content per day, unverified accounts can view 800 content, Musk stated that new unverified accounts can read 400 posts per day.

Twitter, which launched a “paid verification service” last year, recently announced that Tweetdeck, one of the popular management tools, will become paid within 30 days.

Zuckerberg accepted Musk’s “cage fight” offer

It was noteworthy that the announcement of Threads’ opening came after Musk offered Zuckerberg a “cage fight”.

Musk challenged Zuckerberg to fight after the news that he would set up a “Twitter alternative, text-based platform” called “Threads”, and Zuckerberg announced that he accepted the “cage fight” offer in his social media post on June 22.

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