In the video shared by Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır on his social media account with the phrase “Out of the box”, “X generation born between 1965-80, Generation Y born between 1981-96, Generation Z born between 1997-2012,” Those born to change the world are Generation T. The TEKNOFEST generation is now in Ankara with their ideas that will change the world in the Century of Turkey.

TEKNOFEST will be held at Etimesgut Airport

Technology and entrepreneurship competitions, air shows, air and land vehicles exhibition, educational workshop activities, vertical wind tunnel, simulation experience areas, “Refik Anadol Memories of Machinery: Space” exhibition, planetarium and various activities will be held with stage shows.

Standing out with the slogan “We are at Etimesgut Airport in SenGELECEKSIN”, the festival will meet its enthusiasts for the first time in the capital Ankara on August 30-September 3.

Education Technologies, Communication and Communication Technologies, Agricultural Technologies, Disaster Management Technologies, Transportation and Mobility Technologies and Space, Aviation and Defense Technologies topics stand out in the TEKNOFEST Enterprise Competition in Ankara.

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