Minister of Industry and Technology, Mehmet Fatih Kacır, reminded that they held the first TEKNOFESTs at Istanbul New Airport in 2018, and stated that they hosted the world’s second largest aviation event with 550 thousand visitors.

Kacır stated that they broke the world record with 1 million 720 thousand visitors at Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 2019 and said that they realized the event in Gaziantep in 2020, Istanbul in 2021, Samsun and Baku in 2022.

Emphasizing that they want to present 3 TEKNOFESTs to the Turkish nation in 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic, Kacır continued as follows:

“We decided to organize TEKNOFESTs in Istanbul, the capital Ankara and Turkey’s 3rd largest city, Izmir. We anticipated that there would be a tremendous interest in Ankara. Ankara residents have been waiting for TEKNOFEST for 6 years. They hope to meet with a technology move. I think we will set a new record in Ankara. Here we are together with our guests from all over Anatolia and abroad from the surrounding provinces Çankırı, Çorum, Yozgat, Kırıkkale, Konya, Kayseri and Tokat. “We see that the Turkish nation embraces these platforms with a great embrace and does not leave them alone. This gives us a special happiness and pride.”

Kacır stated that Turkey has progressed step by step in the journey of the National Technology Move under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and defined this as “Turkey’s journey to full independence in critical technologies”.

Emphasizing that the National Technology Move is Turkey’s journey to become a country that produces added value, develops technology competitively and can offer it to the world, Kacır said that it is difficult to obtain critical platforms, unmanned aerial vehicles and many similar systems that Turkey needs in the defense industry from its allies. pointed to it.

Kacır explained that in the 2000s, Erdogan’s vision of developing all critical technology needs of Turkey in the field of defense industry domestically and nationally, while he was still Prime Minister, thus began the journey of the National Technology Move.

“This year, 1 million young people participated in 44 technology competitions”

Minister Kacır said that this journey has enabled Turkey to become number one in the world in unmanned aerial vehicles, to develop its own platforms in aviation helicopters, training aircraft, and to surpass many countries in land vehicles, sea platforms, space platforms and satellites.

Expressing that they aim to make this journey widespread in all fields of industry and technology, Kacır said:

“In order to realize the National Technology Move, we need to achieve full independence in critical systems in all fields of industry and technology. We need to be able to achieve the same success in energy, health, food, finance and transportation technologies as we did in the defense industry. The most important element in order to achieve all these is human. resource, namely human capital.

Noting that new technologies change the world, Kacır stated that young people are also signing new technologies.

Emphasizing that Turkey’s competitive advantage is also in these areas, Kacır shared the following information:

“We have a much younger and more dynamic population than many countries. The median age of our population is 33. In European countries, it is around 47-48 years. We are 15 years younger than them. To be able to further our success in the defense industry and achieve similar successes in other fields, but only our young population.” It is possible to equip Turkish youth with technologies that can develop innovative technology. TEKNOFESTs are very important in this sense. Technology competitions are at the heart of TEKNOFESTs. We organized 44 different technology competitions this year. We had 14 technology competitions in 2018, 20 thousand young people applied for it. We broke a record This year, 1 million young people in 337 thousand teams participated in 44 technology competitions. This is something unique in the world. 100 thousand of our young people participate in the national technology movement at a very early age and are included in the technology development journey. Thus, the human resources needed by our important institutions are raised. That person Our institutions meet with the source and many technology initiatives are born step by step. In this sense, TEKNOFEST is a platform that is the heart of the National Technology Move.”

Successful initiatives will be rewarded

Kacır stated that they organized many competitions with TEKNOFESTs and said that they saw that it was not enough to organize only project competitions.

Explaining that technology initiatives started to emerge from project competitions, Kacır explained that hundreds of technology initiatives started to rise in the hands of young people who came together in project competitions at TEKNOFESTs, formed teams and turned their dreams into projects.

Emphasizing that this time they focused not on project competitions but on technology initiatives arising from project competitions established by young people, Kacır noted that TEKNOFEST is a platform where hundreds of technology initiatives compete, from education to agriculture, transportation, aviation, defense and disaster management.

Expressing that they will bring technology initiatives together with the people in İzmir as in Ankara, Kacır stated that they will reward the most successful ones among them.

Underlining that the event is not a trade fair, Kacır said:

“We have more than 200 companies here. All institutions participating here are here for the excitement of bringing the latest products they have developed on behalf of the National Technology Move to our nation. I would definitely like our guests who come here to see the proud products of Turkey’s National Technology Move. Shows in the sky TEKNONEST’ Activities that we can call the main element of the sky. Turkish steel wings now decorate the sky. Aircraft developed by Turkish engineers decorate. KIZILELMA, AKINCI, Bayraktar TB-2, ANKA, AKSUNGUR, GÖKBEY, ATAK are holding shows. I especially recommend you not to miss the national wings show here. There are activities that appeal to different age groups. We have a science street for the little ones.”

“Here is Turkey’s largest planetarium”

Kacır explained that science workshops will be organized for the little ones during TEKNOFEST, and shows and concerts will also take place in the event.

Stating that the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry uses national technology products, Kacır used the following statements:

“Our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is the biggest force multiplier in the fight against forest fires that burn us inside. Turkey’s National Technology Move products. Their systems software are exhibited here. Our Ministry of Health and other ministries share with our nation how they make the most of the National Technology Move products. “Here is Turkey’s largest planetarium. A space travel awaits our guests. There is also a vertical wind tunnel, where we sweep our guests off their feet. Again, our guests have the opportunity to experience many simulation experiences at different stands here.”

Kacır stated that Turkey’s music teams will perform on the stage for 5 days and that the concert of Tuluyhan Uğurlu and Mazhar Alanson awaits the guests.

Noting that there are technology initiatives at TEKNOFEST, Minister Kacır shared the following information:

“One of our initiatives, which emerged from project competitions and develops autonomous vehicles, reached a valuation of 1.5 million dollars. Another initiative that develops satellites that develops space technologies, our team at Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University sent the cube satellite it developed into space with SpaceX rockets last year. Another of our initiatives is artificial tissue technologies. “We are working in the field, reaching a valuation of 140 million liras. Another venture develops underwater systems. It received an investment of 150 thousand dollars and reached a valuation of 750 thousand dollars. One of our initiatives that develops agricultural technologies reached a valuation of 50 million liras.”

Expressing that they never want young people to establish technology initiatives focused on making money, Kacır emphasized that they support them to undertake technology initiatives for the benefit of Turkey and humanity.

Emphasizing that the technology initiatives they have established as a result of the steps they have taken, Kacır stated that they have started to compete in the world technology scene and that they are proud of it.

Noting that tens of thousands of initiatives will emerge from TEKNOFEST in 5-10 years and they will accomplish many good works for the benefit of not only Turkey but humanity, Kacır invited the citizens to TEKNOFEST, which will be held at Etimesgut Airport in Ankara for 5 days.

Saying that the Turkish nation was excited at the festival, Kacır concluded his words as follows:

“Our guests do not experience this excitement just because they meet with a high technology platform. An important feature of TEKNOFESTs and the National Technology Move is that they bring Turkey together with the lost love. We have guests from different age groups here. We have guests coming in and tearing up. Why do they feel this excitement? They remember the history of Turkey very well. They know very well that Vecihi Hürkuş built hangars here in Etimesgut. Vecihi Hürkuş produced airplanes in Turkey in the 1930s, but ultimately They know best that all projects failed, that Nuri Demirağ organized Sky Fests, very similar to the TEKNOFESTs we held at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, and produced planes, but they did not leave any traces of ‘Sky Fests’ or planes in the middle. Our elders know best that he set out to build a revolutionary car in the 60s, but that success story was aborted. Again, here in Etimesgut, our elders know best that the Turkish Aeronautical Association established an aircraft factory in the 1940s and had close to a thousand employees, but that aircraft factory lasted only 9 years. Why was that aircraft factory closed? Because Marshall aid has begun. It was said to Turkey, ‘You do not need to produce aircraft. We’ll give you the planes you need with so-called aids.’ Unfortunately, those planes that were provided with so-called aid were preferred to domestic planes. But now the failed stories have come to life again. Where? At TEKNOFEST and with the National Technology Move. I am happy that our nation flocked to TEKNOFEST. I’m waiting for our nation at TEKNOFEST.”

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