Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır visited the stands in the TEKNOFEST area on the second day of the event and received information about the works.

Kacır, who took pictures and chatted with the citizens visiting the festival, also made statements to the journalists here.

Kacır stated that they chatted with the citizens who flocked to the festival from all over Ankara and the surrounding provinces, and noted that everyone is proud of the national technology move and Turkey’s journey to full independence.

Stating that they had the opportunity to bring TEKNOFEST to Ankara for the first time in its 6th year, Kacır said:

“There is a tremendous interest today as well. There is a participation from 7 to 70 that makes us proud. TEKNOFEST means a lot to young people, but it also means a lot to those in their 60s, 70s and 80s who still feel young. Because that age group in particular knows the history of Turkey better than the young, who has failed in our national technology adventure. Therefore, for them, at the point we have reached today, being a country that can develop high-tech products that are exhibited in this square and meeting the sky is a different meaning for them. carrying.”

Later, Kacır entered the communication and communication technologies tent, examined the projects of the young people participating in the TEKNOFEST Entrepreneurship Competition and had their photos taken together.

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