Minister Uraloğlu and his accompanying delegation visited the Information Technologies and Communication Authority Market Surveillance Laboratory Directorate in Hacettepe Teknokent and received information from the authorities.

Minister Uraloğlu first visited the “semi-reflective” and “fully reflective” laboratories where the electromagnetic output power of communicating electronic devices were tested, and then the rooms where radio tests were performed and frequency measurements were taken. Finally, Uraloğlu, who visited the laboratory where physical tests of mobile communication devices were carried out, dropped a mobile phone onto the wooden floor from a height of 1 meter using a mechanism in the area where the damage test was carried out.

Uraloğlu, in his statement here, stated that the authorities in this area tested the mobile phones for damage by dropping them on the ground three times, and then recorded the possible damages that may occur on the phones according to certain criteria.

Stating that voltage, battery and charger tests were also carried out in the same laboratory, Uraloğlu watched the electrical test of 3 thousand volts applied to a charger for 1 minute.

Uraloğlu, who also examined the area where battery tests were carried out and received information from experts about repair shops and mobile phones exploding in citizens’ pockets, said:

“From here, we advise our citizens to use batteries that are standard in their devices, not sub-industrial, and have passed tests, in order to avoid any mobile phone explosions. In the tests so far, no general standard products from the companies have exploded.”

Market Surveillance Laboratory

Within the scope of harmonization studies with the EU, the task of carrying out market surveillance and inspection in Turkey’s telecommunications sector was given to the Market Surveillance Laboratory Directorate (PGM) with the Law No. 4703 on the Preparation and Implementation of Technical Legislation on Products. The Market Surveillance Laboratory was established by the Authority in 2007.

Market surveillance and control are generally based on the principle that, within the framework of the EU’s approach based on the free movement of goods, the devices produced can be placed on the market with the declaration that they are produced in accordance with the requirements of the common technical legislation of the union and are inspected after they are placed on the market.

The institution undertakes the duties of creating test/experiment procedures, following the relevant standards, updating the procedures and performing or having tests/experiments performed in terms of the compliance of the systems and terminal equipment used and to be used in the sector with the technical regulations.

Inspection of the compliance of telecommunication terminal equipment placed on the market in Turkey with technical regulations is carried out within the scope of the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

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