ASPİLSAN Energy General Manager Ahmet Turan Özdemir said in his statement that they had implemented one of the agreements they reached with Turkcell with the civil sector. Özdemir explained that the emerging telecommunications battery in Turkey has made significant progress and its batteries are being deployed in many parts of the network.

In addition, Özdemir stated that agreements have been reached with the household electrical appliance industry and stated that the work is continuing at this time.

Özdemir pointed out that they have developed collaborations with various companies to participate in new designs with new battery cells, emphasizing that they are confident that they will reap the benefits of this in the future.

Özdemir explained that portable energy storage systems are also an important area in military and civilian use and pointed out that the introduction of the products developed in this context is among their plans for the future.

“An important market is waiting for us”

Özdemir provided information about her work in civil aviation and said:

“Civil aviation is one of the most difficult areas due to its regulations. Providing a power source for a flying platform is a difficult process. As people enter this platform, this process becomes even more difficult. We have made significant progress in this area and we have added the products for which we have completed the certification (agency) to our range. In this sense, Turkish Airlines supports us excellently. “We have made important progress” with their support.

The process of installing civil aviation products in our country continues. By obtaining EASA certification, we have taken a significant step in the process of localizing batteries, which are very critical, for example for energy, and one of the most important and critical components of aircraft in civil aviation, as well as localized products such as used coatings, etc . are seats. Here we received significant support from THY Teknik and THY. An important market awaits us in the process of localizing products in civil aviation. “Our preparations continue, we have come a long way.”

Preparation for hydrogen

Ahmet Turan Özdemir said that in addition to these efforts, they have been carrying out research and development studies on hydrogen and fuel cells in Teknopark Istanbul together with graduate students for five years.

Özdemir pointed out that hydrogen is an important source of energy and explained that problems such as the economic production, storage and logistics of hydrogen still need to be overcome.

Stating that improving these conditions can provide more effective service and that regulations may require the use of hydrogen, Özdemir made the following assessments:

“No resource in the world is unlimited. After a certain time, there will be difficulties with the lithium batteries we use. It is clear that we will need alternative energy sources in the future. Hydrogen is also an important field. We are watching and know that some European investors are making large investments in this area, particularly in the African region. “We are also conducting research and development activities to be ready for that day. We are also evaluating European Union funding in this area. We have European Union projects related to hydrogen that our teams are continuing. In our country, TENMAK and TUBITAK support important studies on this topic. Together with these institutions and organizations, “We are continuing our work on fuel cells.”

Batteries for electric vehicles

Özdemir, who informed that they produce nickel-cadmium batteries in the form of electrode assemblies in their factories in the Organized Industrial Zone in Kayseri, stated that these products are widely used in air, sea and rail transportation due to their electrical properties and safety. Özdemir stated that he would offer solutions for all these vehicle groups.

Özdemir pointed out that electric vehicle research and development teams are working in Ankara and said:

“Here we produce packages of different performance, from light electric vehicles to minibuses. We have done important work in this area. Among them, we produce products with battery production circuits and cells, sealing and thermal management. We have also done important work.” We work in this spirit. We have manufactured and designed these products according to the needs of our customers. , we have given.

We have products that work in practice. There are products that we still produce and design. The European Union also attaches great importance to this area. There is considerable global awareness of the secondary use of vehicle batteries, their assessment and expertise regarding their lifespan and health, as well as their recycling and recovery. “We conduct groundbreaking research and development studies on topics that fall within our scope of work and are related to us, and continue the studies that result in products with our engineers.”

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