Demir shared on the subject on his social media account.

In his post, which also includes a photograph of MMU at the runway, Demir said, “In memory of our martyrs! We said that we will take our National Combat Plane out of the hangar on March 18. Our plane is at the start of the runway today! Under the leadership of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, I hope the sky We will also witness its gliding in our homeland.” used the phrase.

National Combat Aircraft will leave the hangar tomorrow

MMU, which is the most important technology development project of Turkey and carried out by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), will leave the hangar by starting the engine tomorrow.

MMU will replace the F-16 aircraft, which are in the inventory of the Air Force Command and are planned to be phased out starting in the 2030s.

Turkey will become one of the countries with the infrastructure and technology to produce a 5th generation combat aircraft as a result of the project’s studies in technology areas such as low visibility, internal weapon slot, high maneuverability, increased situational awareness and sensor fusion, which should be in a new generation aircraft.

Turkey’s power in the air: National Combat Aircraft

It is aimed to include approximately 6,500 structural parts and 30 subsystems in the first prototype of the National Combat Aircraft Project, in which world-class production is prioritized. It is envisaged that the project will be developed in phases and that the subsystems will be increased in the later prototype and mass production stages.

In the project, where the installation activities of the Yıldırım Test Facility, which will be used in the next phase, have been completed to a large extent, the installation activities of Demir Kuş (Iron Bird) and system integration laboratories have also started.

It is planned to start new phases (detail design and qualification phase) in the National Combat Aircraft Project in the 2023-2029 period. In this process, it is aimed to realize the first flight, to produce development test aircraft and full-size structural test aircraft.

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