Temel Kotil, General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industries, stated that they will take part in TEKNOFEST Ankara with all their weights and the aircraft they have developed.

Kotil made statements about the preparations they made and the activities they will carry out before TEKNOFEST Ankara, which will start tomorrow.

Evaluating “a very beneficial activity” for TEKNOFEST, Kotil said that in the last university placements, ITU, especially the Faculty of Aeronautics, received students from the top 100, and that due to the activities in TEKNOFEST and the defense industry, young people focused on mechanical, electrical and aeronautical engineering, and the scores of these departments increased.

Expressing that the Turkish youth, as the “TEKNOFEST youth”, have turned to this direction due to the developments achieved and the exports of the defense industry, Kotil said:

“We need fresh blood, more staff, more engineers anyway. Turkey will hopefully see 6 billion dollars in exports this year, that’s the target. This will go as 3, 4, 6, 10. Good money is actually for the defense industry. Our companies’ forward sales When we look at it, we have really good orders. Now we have become an industry that has difficulties in producing and delivering them. This is a positive thing. So there are many customers.”

Emphasizing that TEKNOFEST, especially T3 Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees and TEKNOFEST Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar, has made an important contribution to the young people’s orientation to the sector, Kotil said, “TEKNOFEST is in Ankara this time. As TUSAŞ, we will be here with all our weight. We will be able to host young friends there, too.” said.

“national wings” to take part in the festival

Temel Kotil also gave information about TAI products that will be exhibited and shown at TEKNOFEST.

Noting that they have reached the level to hand over the GÖKBEY helicopter, which is about to be completed, to the gendarmerie in practice, Kotil pointed out that the helicopter will fly.

Expressing that they made very serious offers abroad for GÖKBEY, Kotil stated that they expect positive responses for billion-dollar contracts soon. Kotil stated that GÖKBEY was an important product for them at TEKNOFEST Ankara.

Stating that AKSUNGUR has been accepted abroad very quickly recently, Kotil said:

“It is a good export product. We have already signed many contracts. We will see AKSUNGUR at the festival. Our HÜRJET is flying, but we will not be able to fly it at TEKNOFEST. It has made nearly 20 flights, but it needs to fly a little more to get there. HÜRJET’s ‘mock It will be delivered to our Air Force in 2025. We are also making campaigns abroad. We think we can get a contract abroad soon at HÜRJET. Our HÜRKUŞ is doing a very good job. It is currently flying in 2 countries in Africa. Latin America We have offers to their countries. And we will see it there. Of course, the most anticipated KAAN. It has not flown yet, we are waiting for the end of the year. I hope we will see KAAN in the air at the next TEKNOFESTs.”

Kotil added that they will also organize many activities for young people at the festival.

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