Gürbağ Defense Technology exhibited the progress of the Hydro-GIDS Intelligent Defense System at the 16th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2023).

Gürbağ Defense Technology Deputy General Manager Mustafa Mutlu Çoban told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Hydro-GIDS emerged after the distance they covered in radar, electro-optics, communication and hydrogen launch systems.

Expressing that they started field tests with Hydro-GIDS, Çoban said, “We fired up to 50 kilograms on the hydrogen propulsion side at SAHA EXPO, now we have completed 200 kilograms and we have started to throw parts up to 800-1200 kilograms gradually. This was the first work that will be a source for literature in the world. It gave very serious messages in terms of the strength of the domestic industry and the need of the international market for us. The test activities here have been completed.” said.

Explaining that they need drone ammunition that completes the concept of Hydro-GIDS and that they have produced 5 drones for this, Çoban stated that they have formed a quad combination with different ammunition types, such as land-to-land, land-to-air and land-to-sea, as well as a reconnaissance-surveillance drone, and that they have completed their test activities.

Pointing out that the Ukraine and Karabakh War revealed results on the use of conventional weapons and the circulating ammunition will become more effective in the near future, Çoban said:

“Our work is a complementary product aimed at increasing the effectiveness of circulating ammunition. Only circulating ammunition and rockets should not be considered. The hydrogen propulsion system is a solution that can be used for torpedo launching in submarines, and for the thrusts used in launching the first ammunition in aircraft. Hydrogen propulsion provides us with a wide area and market. “There is an economic cost that we saw in the Ukraine and Karabakh War. The war is very valuable not only with the effectiveness of the munitions but also with its economic dimension. Therefore, hydrogen propulsion provides an advantage here as well. Competitor solutions have difficult conditions in terms of maintenance and maintenance, and the economic dimension is many times more than hydrogen launch.”

Noting that the development of the Hydro-GIDS Intelligent Defense System has been fully completed and it will be used in the field in the near future, Çoban said, “The biggest effectiveness of this product is that it can launch different types of ammunition from 2 kilograms to 1000 kilograms, regardless of weight, regardless of platform. This gives us the message that it will become widespread in land, sea and air vehicles.” said.

Çoban stated that they aim to complete all test activities of the system by the end of the year.

Features of kamikaze drones

Emphasizing that for the success of the Hydro-GIDS Intelligent Defense System, the ammunition it carries must be effective, Çoban said that they have revealed a series of kamikaze drones to be used in the development process of the system. Shepherd commented:

“These drones are not products that we aim to mass produce and continue. We already have products with this infrastructure, for which investment has been made, and whose quality has reached a certain maturity. We are considering the integration of these within our own structure. The purpose of the production of the products is to be able to fully verify the system. One of the drones is classified as a reconnaissance surveillance element, the others as land-to-land, land-to-air and land-to-sea striker UAVs.

UAV concept to be used to mark and position the targets behind the suture to understand the nature of more targets for reconnaissance purposes. The land-to-land one is aimed at destroying the systems that are detected by radar after the reconnaissance and that are in question to be destroyed. Surface-to-air ammunition will be used for destruction when electronic attack or other passive interceptors are ineffective. Intended for vehicles with low flexibility and circulating ammunition with active seeker head. In the land-to-sea structure, it is intended to be used in the island concept, and to destroy the harassing unmanned sea vehicle, gunboat, unidentified objects and mines around the island.

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