One of the most striking features of social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the ‘blue tick’ badge. That means that account is trusted. Those who want to have it in an easy way can fall into the network of fraudsters.

Thousands of people are victims of scammers…

One of them is a photographer based in Gaziantep. He wanted to buy a blue tick. He could not get a blue tick and lost 20 thousand liras.

The number of people experiencing similar grievances is increasing day by day.

Blue tick scam is seen in many countries

Cyber ​​Security Specialist Osman Demircan points out that blue tick fraud is seen in many countries.

“Unfortunately, there are people who have been deceived very seriously throughout Turkey and around the world, and these figures can go up to 80-90 thousand liras.”

“How to get it is explained on social media platforms”

Demircan states that users can easily apply for a ‘blue tick’.

“Blue tick applications are made through mobile applications on almost every platform. You are clearly told what to do in mobile applications. You have to follow the steps there and apply. There should be absolutely no communication with third parties because it is absolutely necessary not to communicate with people. Because this is completely fraudulent. “

News: Sema Akbulut

Camera: Selim Sinan Gümüş

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