ASELSAN has integrated KARETTA, which contains many high technology, which will prevent the interference of GNSS signal with its national engineering power, into the Abdülhamid Han Drilling Ship, one of the 5 most equipped drilling ships in the world.

KARETTA Tamper-Resistant GNSS System was integrated into the drilling rig and navigation system receiver of Abdulhamid Han Ship to prevent it from being affected in case of tampering during drilling activities. The successful positioning of the product was confirmed by İHASAVAR, the mixer system developed by ASELSAN.

With this study, Abdülhamid Han Drilling Ship will operate without losing its position information in the electronic jamming environment by using the KRETTA Jamming Resistant GNSS System and will perform its hydrocarbon exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean in a safer way.

With this activity, the KRETTA Tamper Resistant GNSS System has been made to be integrated into all Turkish Petroleum Corporation drilling and seismic research vessels. ASELSAN will continue to work with KRETTA so that all platforms that will reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign energy can perform their duties without being affected by the mixing activities.

A strategic product used from many systems

GNSS scrambling activities are increasing around the world. In addition to platforms where GNSS receivers working with global navigation satellite systems are used, KARETTA offers government buildings, airports, ports, critical facilities/structures, drilling and seismic research vessels, civil aviation aircraft, civil helicopters, commercial UAVs, autonomous agricultural applications, It stands out as a strategic product that can be used in many places such as rescue operation vehicles.

Being one of the rare systems that provide multi-band protection at the same time, KRETTA enables land, air, sea vehicles, unmanned systems and missiles to operate in an intense electronic jamming environment without losing their position information.

Developed with a high degree of locality in its components, KRETTA can be easily integrated into all platforms, including missiles, thanks to its lightweight and compact, easy-to-integrate modular structure.

In the light of the experience gained in the field, KRETTA, which provides effective protection against different mixer types and high-power mixers, makes a difference compared to its foreign counterparts with its ability to use multiple GNSS bands and find the mixer direction.

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