Turkey’s largest technology festival, TEKNOFEST, opened its doors to technology and science enthusiasts at Etimesgut Airport.

In the festival, which started to host visitors on the Victory Day in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, the projects prepared by the universities attracted great attention from the visitors.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ünal emphasized at the OMU stand that the festival is an opportunity for mental transformation.

Stating that they took place in the finals of the competitions organized with the projects they prepared for agriculture, Ünal mentioned the importance of agriculture for the world and humanity and expressed that the students especially concentrated on this field.

“Artificial intelligence vehicles only spray the necessary places”

Expressing that the agricultural unmanned aerial and land vehicles produced by OMU students will greatly alleviate the burden of agricultural workers, Ünal said:

“The vehicles prepared with artificial intelligence only spray the necessary places. Since this unmanned aerial vehicle is sprayed, the damage caused by the spraying vehicles entering into it is prevented at a rate of 5% and 6% depending on the condition of the land. At the same time, since the plant is exposed to unnecessary pesticides, people avoid that plant. It is aimed to get rid of the harmful effects it will receive.”

Ünal said that the agricultural unmanned land vehicle can move autonomously in the agricultural field and perform automatic weed spraying.

In addition to this, Ünal stated that the vehicle displays information about the tasks it performs in an interface environment, and stated that the vehicle has been ranked second in Turkey twice in TEKNOFEST 2023 and TEKNOFEST 2022.

prof. Dr. Unal, “Vehicles will greatly facilitate the work of those engaged in agriculture. It is both more economical, more harmless and safer,” he said.

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