Turkey’s biggest technology festival TEKNOFEST continues to host its visitors at Etimesgut Airport.

Within the scope of the event, along with many technological products, some rockets that were ranked in the competition attended by high school and university students were also showcased.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Technogarage Projects Coordinator Cagdas Kaya said that the rockets they exhibited were awarded in the TEKNOFEST Rocket Competition.

Kaya stated that the rocket of the Çağdaş Rocket team, which won the high altitude in the “Inter-University Rocket Competition”, was shown to the visitors at the “Gir Girişim” stand, and the rocket of the Astra R&D team, which was the second in the High School Rocket Competition, was shown to the visitors in the Technogarage tents.

Stating that they have turned the car park of Müzeyyen Erkul Gaziantep Science Center into Teknogaraj within the scope of their work, Kaya explained that they have established workshops for students who want to participate in technology competitions specific to TEKNOFEST.

Expressing that they provide material, mentoring and consultancy support within Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Kaya said, “Our aim is to develop technologies that can go unmanned in the air, on land and in water, to be able to corporate them and turn them into added value.” said.

Noting that those who want to develop projects over the age of 12 are supported in Teknogaraj, Kaya said:

“We received all the awards that could be received in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles last year. We received the Locality, Performance and TUSAŞ Special Award. The main reason for receiving this was the flight control computer we produced last year. This flight control computer was incorporated as Alacamaker. It is from TEKNOFEST and TÜBİTAK. We want to incorporate the other technologies we produce in this way and turn them into products with added value. In this regard, we became the first high-altitude rocket this year. We are at the Venture Tent this year to introduce the rocket avionics card we use in the rocket, again, into the enterprise. Apart from that, we have shaped the Alaca Kart a little more, worked on herd unmanned aerial vehicles, put it into the acceleration program and is now exhibited in the Girişim Tent. We also produced our motor drivers for agricultural unmanned land vehicles.”

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