IDEF, which has become an important promotion, marketing and cooperation platform in the fields of defense and security, opened its doors for the 16th time this year.

The fair, which is organized under the auspices of the Presidency, hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV), and organized by Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım AŞ, is held at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center.

The autonomous weapon system SARBOT, one of the most important milestones of the new road map drawn by Sarsılmaz with the vision of being “a technology brand focusing on the defense industry”, which exhibited its new products at the fair, was also introduced.

SARBOT, which is expected to find many different uses with various loads, continues to develop to gain additional capabilities, and met with the public for the first time last year at the SAHA Expo Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair, was showcased at the fair.

Sarsılmaz’s unmanned weapon systems were also showcased

Making statements on the subject at the meeting held at the Sarsılmaz stand within the scope of IDEF’23, Sarsılmaz Deputy General Manager Öner Özyılmaz said that with its 143-year history, Sarsılmaz, which has broken new ground in Turkey’s defense industry and has always been the first, exhibited its innovations in Turkey’s defense industry at this fair as well.

Özyılmaz gave information about the new products they exhibited at the fair and said:

“We have 25 millimeter land cannon produced by our partner company with TUSAŞ, our SARBOT, which we launched today on unmanned systems, our 5.56 machine gun and also a drone with integrated weapons. Now we have all our other classic products and our SAR 2023 pistol, which we produced in limited numbers for the 100th anniversary of our Republic, with the users here in honor of the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

“SARBOT has over 75 percent locality”

Öner Özyılmaz stated that they introduced the first version of SARBOT at SAHA Expo and reminded that they had revealed a vision in the first version and introduced a very new product as a robot structure.

Emphasizing that the new SARBOT, which they will be promoting today, has a locality of over 75 percent, Özyılmaz concluded his words as follows:

“All the software, mechanical parts and electronics on it belong to us. When we localize the remaining structures, it has 100 percent locality. We have taken a big step in the past. Two separate teams continue to work in both Ankara and Istanbul. We are working with different loads. Therefore, we will use SATBOT not only as a weapon platform, but also for different purposes. We see a much more advanced version here today.”

Autonomous weapon system draws attention as a critical project

SARBOT, one of the most important milestones of the new roadmap drawn by Sarsılmaz with the vision of being “a technology brand focusing on the defense industry”, met with the public for the first time last year at the SAHA Expo Defense, Aerospace Industry Fair.

Established as a Sarsılmaz initiative with the vision of developing value-added products by bringing advanced technologies to the country, the company “LA2 Dynamics” continues its work on developing robots with legs without interruption. SARBOT stands out as the first prototype 4-legged robot implemented within the scope of R&D studies of LA2 Dynamics and Sarsılmaz.

SARBOT, which is expected to find many different areas of use with various loads and whose development studies are continuing to gain additional capabilities, draws attention as a critical project with its advanced technology hardware and software that also allows updates in line with the needs.

SAR 2023 limited edition

The SAR 2023 pistol, which met with the public at the International Defense Industry Fair and was produced in limited numbers for the 100th anniversary of the Republic, also met with the visitors.

SAR 2023, which is a symbol that carries Sarsılmaz’s belief in the future of the Republic, its experience, its goal and vision to become a world brand, stands out as a special gift to the company’s 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Emphasizing the 100-year history of the Republic with very special symbolic elements used in its design, SAR 2023 has a collection value with its character and limited production number.

The 25 millimeter land cannon system also attracted great interest.

One of the prominent products of Sarsılmaz at the fair was the 25 millimeter land cannon system.

The 25 millimeter land cannon system, developed under the contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and TR Mechatronics, established in partnership with Sarsılmaz-TUSAŞ, is designed to fire 25×137 mm ammunition at NATO standards.

The chain mechanism system has fast and slow firing modes that allow firing 200 rounds per minute. Designed and produced by Turkish engineers, the 25-millimeter land cannon can be used in manned or remote-controlled weapon turrets on land and sea platforms.

The “gun control unit”, which is a part of the weapon system, has been developed to have the hardware and software infrastructure to report the number of bullets fired, jamming, non-firing information, and in-device failure status. All controls on the platform to which the weapon system is connected are also performed via the gun control unit.

Weapon-integrated drone garnered great acclaim

Developed in cooperation with Sarsılmaz and Asis Guard, the SAR 15T integrated armed drone Songar was among the Sarsılmaz products that attracted attention at the fair.

Songar, which has autonomous and manual flight modes, completely signed by Turkish engineers from design to production, from software to weapon system, can also perform autonomous flight with its route planning feature (GCS) in addition to its ground control station.

In cases of critical battery level and disconnection, Turkey’s domestic and national armed drone, which switches to return home mode, has a flight range of 5 kilometers and a flight altitude of 300 meters. The drone’s 7.62 millimeter caliber weapon system signed by Sarsılmaz provides a firing range of approximately 400 meters.

The SAR 556 submachine gun was also on display

The SAR 556 light machine gun, which is among the newly developed products of Sarsılmaz and exhibited at IDEF’23, is designed to be used in residential areas by special operations units as well as infantry use.

Using 5.56 millimeter ammunition in NATO standards, the light machine gun emerged as a result of Sarsılmaz’s long years of experience.

Having a user-friendly design, the SAR 5.56 will make a significant contribution to the Turkish Armed Forces’ domestic and national weapon inventory, while having the technical capabilities to meet the needs of different conditions both on the front and in residential areas.

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