Etimesgut Airport will host TEKNOFEST Ankara, which will be held on August 30-September 3, under the leadership of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Tevfik Ali Mutlu, a high school student living in Çorum, will struggle with the “Traffic Risk Information System” project in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Mobility at TEKNOFEST.

“I want to work not only in software, but also in space and aviation”

Aiming to reach the finals with the project that aims to warn the drivers audibly in regions where traffic accidents are intense, Mutlu has previously participated in the Turkish finals with the project he has done. Saying that he aims to undertake projects that will add value to Turkey in the field of software, Mutlu said, “I want to work not only in software, but also in space and aeronautics. We are brave enough to aim for what we cannot see. We are working for this. Our aim is to bring people together with technology in the field of space and software. My goal is to represent my country to the world in the best way possible” said.

“Selçuk Bayraktar gives his best support for our development”

Expressing that TEKNOFEST Chairman of the Board Sulçuk Bayraktar is a role model for young people with his achievements, Mutlu said, “I would like to thank TEKNOFEST for enabling us to realize our projects and doing great things in our country. The work of Seçuk Bayraktar, Chairman of the Board of Teknofest, is very important to us. He became a role model for the youth. He gives his best support for our development. I would also like to thank our state for giving us this opportunity.” said.

“I started software at the age of 14”

Providing brief information about the project he will participate in the competition, Mutlu said:

“Thanks to the project, drivers will be warned audibly in areas where traffic accidents occur. We are working on a project where geo-based applications will meet in a single application. In addition, work continues for another project with the Ministry of National Education. I started software at the age of 14 with the support of my family. I have come to these days under the leadership of my teacher Murat Karagöz and with the support of my family.”

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