Selcuk University Rector Prof. Dr. Metin Aksoy said that as Selcuk University, they support the competitions held within the scope of the National Technology Move.

Emphasizing that they absolutely care about the continuation of the visions set forth within the scope of the National Technology Move, Aksoy said that as a university, they put these studies in the first place in the priority order.

“Hyperloop is a new technology”

Regarding the Hyperloop competition won by the university, Aksoy said, “This is, of course, a new technology. Hyperloop is a technology introduced by the fast rail system. We are among the leading universities in this technology. We had the first place last year. We have the first place again this year. We are among the universities that contribute to the Hyperloop technology.” said.

“It is valuable for us that our students see that they are supported”

Emphasizing that as Selcuk University, they constantly encourage students to invest in dreams and make an effort to make their dreams come true, Aksoy said, “It is valuable for us that our students see that our own projects are supported, rather than getting a degree or winning certain championships here.” made its assessment.

Selçuk Kapsül Hyperloop Team won the first prize at TEKNOFEST

“5th generation rail transportation system”

Barış Doğanşah, a member of Selçuk Kapsül Hyperloop Team, also stated that Hyperloop projects are the 5th generation rail transportation system work. Doğanşah said that the project is a project that aims to reach higher speeds by preventing rail and air friction. “There are many examples of this in the world. There are development projects in China, England and Elon Musk. The aim here is to theoretically reach speeds of 1,200 kilometers per hour” said.

Selçuk Kapsül Hyperloop Team Consultant Lect. See. Enes Yücel, on the other hand, stated that the project includes subjects that need to be worked on, and emphasized that issues such as vacuuming the tunnel and overcoming the resistances that the vehicle encounters while trying to reach the speed of sound while moving in the tunnel should be studied.

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