Ali Baran, General Manager of Yongatek Microelectronics, made statements at TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest Aerospace and Technology Festival.

Noting that after the Kovid-19 epidemic, there was a global crisis in chip supply, Baran used the following statements:

“Actually, the reason for this crisis is the chip production competition between the USA and China. We think we are at the beginning of this crisis. CEOs of very important companies in the USA say that the chip will replace oil in the 21st century. This actually means that the world will be shaped by the chip issue in the next period. We consider this issue as an opportunity for Turkey.”

Domestic production chip model “Kırkık”

Speaking about the locally produced chip “Kırkık”, Baran said that this is the first chip they produced and that the chip can be used wherever there is image processing.

Baran stated that the main market targets are image systems and used the following statements:

“Smart cities are increasingly becoming a part of our lives, where the chip will support the entirety of properly displaying, compressing, transferring the image after it has received it from the sensors. Now there are cameras everywhere. It is much more important to process and evaluate the processed image, not to store the images from the cameras on large disks. becomes.”

Emphasizing that Kırmık 2.0 will go into mass production and that there are only 3-4 similar models in the global market, Baran said that the chip in question is a model that can support artificial intelligence algorithms with a very high rate of video compression.

“Turkey will be one of the key countries”

Baran stated that they aim to reach the supplier position in the chip industry, which is one of the rare sectors that Turkey is dependent on foreign sources, and said:

“Turkey has not solved the chip problem yet, but it is not a problem that cannot be solved. We need to work with our youth, universities and industrialists. TEKNOFEST will be a very important opportunity in this regard. I believe that in 5-10 years, Turkey will be one of the key countries in the newly created semiconductor chip industry. We have full faith. Our country has unique strengths that stand out. Firstly, we have a very important young population, secondly, we have industrialists and infrastructures that can do very high quality work. That’s why we, with a strategic plan, will create a new half of Turkey in 5-10 years. We believe it will become a very important player in the conductor industry.”

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