At TEKNOFEST, Turkey’s biggest technology festival, visitors started to experience flight and vertical wind tunnel simulations, climate tunnel and seat belt simulation.

The flight simulation, which is used for parachute training, attracts attention in the festival, where the enthusiasm of August 30 Victory Day is also experienced.

The officials who gave information about the simulation stated that the vertical wind tunnel was produced with 100 percent domestic and national facilities and that they could serve about 80 people on a daily basis.

In the vertical wind tunnel, people are trained on how to convey the flight experience while on the ground, and visitors are given the experience of flying in the wind, usually at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Climate tunnel attracts attention

The climate tunnel simulation prepared by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has also become a frequent destination for citizens in the TEKNOFEST area. In the tunnel, scenarios about the impact of climate on nature and the impact of global warming that can be experienced due to climate change are conveyed.

The tunnel enables people to gain awareness about ecology and the effects of global warming on the world.

Simulation experience areas are waiting for their visitors at TEKNOFEST

Citizens are raised awareness with seat belt simulation

Seat belt simulation was also prepared for TEKNOFEST by the Gendarmerie General Command.

It is aimed to raise the awareness of citizens about wearing seat belts with the simulation in which the experiences of a vehicle traveling at a speed of 8-10 kilometers per hour are conveyed.

On the other hand, various air and land vehicles were presented to the attention of the visitors in the TEKNOFEST area.

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