The world population is increasing rapidly. Existing agricultural lands are starting to become insufficient to meet food needs. This makes new agricultural technologies inevitable.
Soilless vertical farming model is one of them.

Many countries, especially Singapore, Japan and America, have already started production with this method. Turkey has also accelerated its work in this area.

This center is on the minus eighth floor of Kağıthane Cultural Center. The second deepest agricultural production center in the world is located exactly 30 meters below the ground.

With the system, 95 percent water and 90 percent fertilizer savings are achieved.

There are 3 production units and a germination unit in this center, where production is carried out on an area of ​​approximately 300 square meters. Basil and lettuce are currently grown. However, the most important feature of the center is to provide 95% water savings.

The system also saves 90 percent of fertilizer and no pesticides are used.
Low cost and efficiency are among the important features of the centre.

Istanbul Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, “We get the yield from 20 decares outside, that is, from 20 thousand square meters. We can produce here once a month from seed to final product. Production is renewed every month.“He gave the information.

Plays an important role in urban agriculture

The vertical agriculture center in Istanbul also plays an important role in urban agriculture.
It is aimed to reduce logistics costs, reduce product loss, and provide Istanbul residents with access to fresh and cheap vegetables.

Our aim is to nourish our city on our own periphery. We make a cleaner, more economical and more controllable production. Because we control everything ourselves

Trial productions for 18 types of products have also started at the center.

Camera: Mustafa Oguz OGUZ
Editing: Kaan Alp Atasoy

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