In the “Doodle” that Google has prepared for this day on its homepage, the expressions “Nüzhet Gökdoğan’s 113th birthday. Today’s Doodle commemorates the Turkish astronomer and mathematician Nüzhet Gökdoğan, who is known as one of Turkey’s first female astronomers.”

In addition to planet and book images, Gökdoğan’s cartoon image was included in the “Doodle”.

When the doodle is clicked, users can see Prof. Dr. who was born on 14 August 1910 in Istanbul. Dr. You are directed to the page with information and news about Nüzhet Gökdoğan.

prof. Dr. Nüzhet Gökdoğan was elected as the Dean of the Faculty of Science at Istanbul University in 1954, receiving the title of the first female dean.

Doodle applications aim to attract attention by giving place to important days and holidays, cultural events and important people in history for the countries of the world. Internet users can access detailed information about that day, person or subject by clicking on the specially designed logo.

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