According to the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, approximately 1 trillion chips are produced in the world every year. In parallel with the increasing use of electronic devices in daily life, the need for chips is increasing.

Turkey made a strategic move in such a period towards the chip industry, where there was a global crisis in production. The Ministry opened the “Pre-Competitive Cooperation Projects-Integrated Circuit Design Projects Call” with the aim of increasing Turkey’s chip capacity, developing the ecosystem and spreading the integrated circuit design capability throughout the country. Applications can be made until 31 July.

Scope of support

At least one user who will use the product to be revealed within the scope of the call will come together with at least one designer company that carries out chip design. Product and commercialization-oriented design projects resulting from this cooperation will be supported. With the call, support will be provided primarily for projects in the electrical-electronics industry, automation and digital transformation technologies, and mobility technologies. Thus, added value will be increased in these areas, and chips whose intellectual property rights belong to Turkey will be used in products.

50 percent grant will be given for each support item

With the call, 50 percent grant will be given for each of the support items found suitable for the project. In addition to the support items already in place, some of the IP blocks license purchase, technical training and consultancy services, prototype (fabrication) production and software license fees will be covered.

Chips can be produced in Turkey

In the statement, Varank, who gave his speech at the investment signing ceremony of the chip production facility located in TÜBİTAK Gebze Campus, said the following regarding the Integrated Circuit Design Projects Call:

“With this call with a budget of 270 million liras under the leadership of our Ministry, we will bring together large companies in need of chips with small companies and SMEs engaged in chip design. We will support the development of domestic chip design solutions. In this way, our large manufacturers will start using these locally and nationally designed chips. Thus, the ecosystem will develop further, and Turkey’s presence in the world in value-added areas will come to the fore.

Regarding Turkey’s first national processor, Çakıl, Varank said, “This is a 65 nanometer processor. Our engineers designed it locally and nationally, but we could only manufacture it in Malaysia. Now we will be able to produce the chips we designed in Turkey.” made its assessment.

Original design chips

Production will start within 18 months at the facility, which has been invested in order to produce chips to be used in high value-added products in Turkey and to increase the current production capacity. With the production of the facility, which has a clean area of ​​2 thousand square meters, it will be possible to commercialize the original design chips in the domestic and foreign markets. Thus, Turkey will have the necessary infrastructure to be among the global players in chip production.

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