Alper Gezeravcı made a live connection with the students of Nuri Üysen Secondary School in Hatay from the International Space Station (ISS) and answered their questions.

Gezeravcı wished everyone a speedy recovery due to the Kahramanmaraş earthquake last year and wished God’s mercy to the citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake.

Gezeravcı stated that he was working in Adana, one of the provinces affected by the earthquake at the time, and made the following assessments:

“We have tried with all our might to support the needs of the people in the regions affected by the disaster with our air base personnel. “I had the opportunity to personally observe how people stuck together despite the difficulties they experienced and how determined and determined they were. If we were united as a nation that day to heal our wounds, we remain united and in solidarity today.” Believe me, the determination to get back on my feet that I see in you after this disaster greatly inspires me to overcome the obstacles I face in daily life. I am here to conduct our first manned space mission to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey. I represent the Turkish nation here. The pride and happiness it brings me is so great I find it difficult to even put it in my heart, let alone put my feelings into words. You are one of the most important reasons why I am here. It is my duty to pass on the knowledge and experiences that I have gained during my duty to you, my dear brothers and future generations, who are the guarantee of our future. “I have no doubt that you will continue on this path in the future, taking our country to even more beautiful places and raising the flag you received from me even higher.”

“How are your days in space?” Gezeravcı explained that his life on the ISS was planned down to the smallest detail during his stay on Earth, his job duties and how he spent a day.

Gezeravcı also made assessments about the other astronauts on the ISS, saying that they were a group of 11 people; He pointed out that for the first time in the history of the ISS, astronauts from so many countries and nationalities were represented on the station at the same time.

“From time to time I can see distant stars and galaxies.”

“What does space look like from Earth?” In response to the question, Gezeravcı said: “Our Earth has a beauty in the deep and dark space that fascinates people with its color. It is a very photogenic planet with the blue of the waters on it. “You should definitely see this and we should not forget that we must preserve this beauty together.” he replied.

Emphasizing that his main task is to fulfill the tasks of the scientific mission, Gezeravcı said: “I take photos and videos of the experiments that our scientists need here. I work intensively, but whenever I get the opportunity I try to take advantage of it.” some shots of the space station and its surroundings. It also includes photos and videos of our Earth,” he said.

“What’s around the ISS?” Gezeravcı gave the following answer to the question:

“There is a dazzling visual feast all around us. Below us, oceans, mountains, plateaus, deserts, lush forests and much more smile at us in the beauty and harmony of colors in the painter’s painting. We also know that there are a lot of them. Satellites float around us and we can see them from time to time. Among them we also have local and national satellites RASAT, GÖKTÜRK 2 and İMECE. However, the view here is not limited to the earth. Now I can see the moon and from here I can see the sun more clearly. While the sun illuminates the world with its light, it also allows me to magnificently observe the details on the lunar surface. “Mars and some other planets can be seen from a distance with their unique colors and brightness.” From time to time I can also see distant stars and galaxies.

“We can spread space technologies more widely in society”

Emphasizing that space technologies are very important for protecting the planet and resources, Gezeravcı said:

“Thanks to our remote sensing satellites, we can, for example, closely monitor the status of our water resources and forests. More planned and efficient agriculture is possible. We can predict possible risks in advance and take appropriate precautions. The most accurate opportunities for.” “Clean energy production and sustainable cities are the data we get from our satellites.” We can use space technologies that we use in many places in our daily lives to benefit a broader society. For example, we can use global positioning systems to travel in a shorter time and in a way that uses less energy, and in this way we save money and protect our atmosphere from greenhouse gases as much as possible. RASAT, “Space technologies developed by the engineers who designed GÖKTÜRK 2, İMECE and TÜRKSAT.” “6A satellites and the lunar exploration program provide many benefits for life on Earth. In the future, some of you will join these engineers and scientists and make significant contributions to our country in this field.”

Explaining that they continue to use air and water on the ISS, especially through recycling, Gezeravcı said: “While we live in an environment where even our most basic needs are not readily available, we understand the value of our needs even better .” The earth, which provides this to us naturally. It is important to preserve and restore the delicate balance on Earth.” “We clearly see how important sustainability is,” he said.

Gezeravcı gave the following advice to children who want to become astronauts:

“If a person can do a job, so can I. If I can become an astronaut, you all can. You must be physically and mentally fit to live in space. This requires you to lead a healthy life. You must too.” You have a master’s degree in basic technology or medicine such as engineering, science or mathematics. It would be an advantage for you to have a good command of the foreign language. Remember that in the future we will pursue various goals with our nation with patience, perseverance and passion. Keep pursuing your dreams.”

In conversation with Gezeravcı, the earthquake victims from Hatay expressed their feelings

Students in Iskenderun district of Hatay, which was affected by the earthquake, had the pleasure of meeting Turkey’s first astronaut Alper Gezeravcı from the International Space Station (ISS).

Students affected by the earthquake gathered in the conference hall of Nuri Üysen Secondary School in the district and first received information from Turkey’s second astronaut, Tuva Cihangir Atasever.

Children affected by the earthquake had the opportunity to meet Turkey’s first astronaut Gezeravcı and ask Gezeravcı the questions they had prepared about space thanks to the connection to the ISS.

Responding to the students’ questions, Gezeravcı said that he was working in Adana at the time of the earthquake and that he also felt the earthquake, and once again conveyed his wishes to the citizens affected by the earthquake.

“I would love to be an astronaut like him.”

Elif Özen, one of the students who asked questions to the first Turkish astronaut, explained that she was very excited when talking to Gezeravcı and said: “I had very good feelings because he is the first Turkish astronaut. I would like to be an astronaut like him. “It was a very good feeling for me.” said.

8th grade student Zeliha Beğenoğlu stated that she initially thought she could not talk to Gezeravcı.

Beğenoğlu stated that he was very excited and said: “Alper brother is a very sincere person. I asked my questions. I think he shed a lot of light on us. I think we understand that in the future we can become astronauts and what we can do.” he said.

Fifth grade student Duru Ökten said that she was happy to meet the first Turkish astronaut and asked him the questions that interested her.

Sixth grade student Duru Yıldırım stated that Gezeravcı answered her questions about space and that she was very happy.

Stating that it is a great pride for Turks to fly into space, 5th grade student Kaan Buğra Günay said, “It is also an honor to talk to him. I followed Alper Gezeravcı. I didn’t think I could speak.” I was very surprised when they said my name. he said.

Fourth grade student Mirza Şerif Gül said: “I felt very good when I talked to my brother Alper. I felt like I could be like him. “It was very nice to talk to him.” said.

“I was a little excited to talk to someone special”

Mehmet Akif Oğuz, a 6th grade student, said: “Alper brother was a sincere person. He answered the questions very well. It doesn’t seem like a completely different conversation. I was just a little excited because I was talking to someone special. he said.

Muhammet Dağ, a sixth grade student, said it was exciting to talk to Turkey’s first astronaut.

After the event, students were given caps and T-shirts.

Turkish Space Agency President Yusuf Kıraç, Hatay Governor Mustafa Masatlı, İskenderun District Governor Murat Sefa Demiryürek, İskenderun Mayor Fatih Tosyalı, many students and guests witnessed these special moments.

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