TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival held at Ankara Etimesgut Airport also hosted hydrogen fueled electric vehicle “hydromobile” projects of universities.

Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races, organized by TUBITAK since 2005, aiming to attract the attention of the public to benefit from alternative energies in vehicle technologies by popularizing the use of alternative and clean energy sources in the automotive industry, aims to raise awareness.

Within the scope of the festival, 10 of the 60 electric vehicles that meet the competition conditions of TÜBİTAK this year are in the hydromobile category.

Selcuk University Faculty of Technology Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty Member Hakan Terzioğlu said that hydrogen technology is of great importance in order to prevent the pollution caused by fossil fuels to the environment.

Expressing that the cost of fuel consumption will decrease with the spread of hydrogen vehicles, Terzioğlu said, “Electric vehicles burn less than gasoline vehicles and pollute the nature less. Recently, some brands have started to discontinue their diesel vehicle production due to the pollution and damage they cause to the environment. Hydromobile or hydrogen vehicles have emerged. When it comes out, users will have vehicles that run on cleaner energy at a more affordable price.” he said.

Emphasizing the importance of team spirit for the realization of the project, Terzioğlu said:

“When TEKNOFEST first started, unmanned aerial vehicles were at the forefront, and while we were seeing these planes flown by our students, we came to the point of Baykar KIZILELMA. When we think that the majority of the students working in Baykar have a TEKNOFEST background and that they are people trained in this field, that is, everyone, even the whole world, is in the middle. We think that TEKNOFEST will have a great contribution in raising such a generation in terms of hydromobile category or hydrogen vehicle, where there is a success story that it accepts.”

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University will design a hydrogen vehicle

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences Dean Prof. Dr. Veli Çelik also said that the university participated in TEKNOFEST with an electric vehicle project this year, but they will take part with a hydrogen vehicle project next year.

Drawing attention to the increasing importance of hydrogen in green transformation studies, Çelik said:

“Today, there is a need to switch to hydrogen vehicles in order to solve the range problem of vehicles. We have started vehicle studies with the youth on this subject. Hydrogen will be a start for a clean energy, because when hydrogen burns, it does not emit harmful components to the environment, does not create greenhouse gases, but creates water. Therefore, in green transformation efforts. “The focus is on hydrogen. In that respect, it is appropriate to plan a hydrogen-powered vehicle competition in order to enable our country to develop in this technological field. Different companies and organizations also have projects to develop hydrogen-powered systems.”

Stating that TEKNOFEST provides motivation for the development of hydrogen technologies, Çelik said, “In previous years, it was not possible for us to find such an environment, an environment to encourage young people to develop technology. Employing and directing young minds in this field produces very good results. Hydrogen technologies are also in the field of advanced technology. and hydrogen is an indispensable fuel for all vehicles, not just land and air, from liquid fuel rockets to space vehicles. he said.

Noting that a longer range can be achieved with hydrogen when stored as a liquid, Çelik pointed out that risks may occur during the storage and use of hydrogen, and therefore the use of high technology is important.

Ankara University Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department 4th year student Enes Musa Güçlütürk stated that they designed the hydrogen fueled vehicle “TURAZ-U1” as the “Hydroket” team, adding that hydrogen technology is a completely unexplored field and many universities are doing R&D studies on the use of hydrogen. told.

Güçlütürk, who was also the captain of the race within the scope of TEKNOFEST, stated that the festival had an important role in raising awareness about hydrogen.

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