Excitement continues at full speed at TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival.

TEKNOFEST, which broke records with 2 million 547 thousand visitors in Istanbul in April and left unforgettable traces full of science, technology and space, will be at the capital Ankara, 27 September with a brand new competition model at the second and third stops of 2023. – On October 1, 2023, the pearl of the Aegean will take place in Izmir.

At TEKNOFEST, which embraces and brings together millions with the vision of a “National Technology Move” for a fully independent Turkey, the development of the projects that are desired to be transformed into ventures after the competition in 10 different themes will be witnessed with the Entrepreneurship Competition model.

To the TEKNOFEST Enterprise competition; High school, university and higher level teams that have applied to the competitions organized within TEKNOFEST between 2018 and 2023 will be able to participate.

Enterprise themes; Education Technologies, Health and Wellness Technologies, Transportation and Mobility Technologies, Agricultural Technologies, Communication and Communication Technologies, Tourism Technologies, Environment, Energy and Climate Technologies, Space, Aviation and Defense Technologies, Disaster Management Technologies and Barrier-Free Living Technologies.

More than 7 million TL will be awarded

In the competition, where TEKNOFEST Contestants can participate, all themes consist of Pre-Incubation and Acceleration categories. In the Pre-Incubation category, teams that have a startup idea or are developing their product will be evaluated in this category.

At this stage, the condition of establishment or incorporation of the venture will not be sought. In the acceleration phase, the teams that have transformed their project into a testable product and established a company related to these projects will be evaluated with their presentations.

In the competition, which aims to include TEKNOFEST competitors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, to commercialize the projects developed in technology competitions and bring them to the society, and to contribute to the National Technology Move with the projects that turn into startups, a total of more than 7 million TL will be awarded to the participants.

Applications will close on July 10.

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