The wait for the festival, whose feet are not on the ground, is coming to an end. The aviation space and technology festival TEKNOFEST, which will be held for the 6th time this year, will meet with its visitors at Atatürk Airport tomorrow.

KIZILELMA, Turkey’s new power in the sky, will also be in the festival area. KIZILELMA, which took off from Çorlu Airport yesterday, arrived at Atatürk Airport with a flight that took approximately 35 minutes.

Baykar Chairman of the Board and Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar shared the flight images of KIZILELMA in his social media account.


Participants of TEKNOFEST will also be able to examine the GÖKBEY helicopter.

GÖKBEY, which took off from Ankara, refueled in Bursa and took its place at Atatürk Airport.

Show on the Bosphorus before the festival

Yesterday, those who looked at the sky in Istanbul met with a magnificent greeting. Before landing at Atatürk Airport for TEKNOFEST, Turkish Air Force aircraft made a greeting flight over the Bosphorus.

The flight of SOLOTÜRK, A400M, F-16 and F-4 aircraft around TCG Anadolu was watched with interest at Sarayburnu Port.

Final preparations are being made

Stands are being set up in the festival area, competition areas, tents and stages are being prepared…

This year, 41 main competitions in 102 categories will be held at TEKNOFEST. More than 13 million liras will be awarded, and more than 30 million liras of material support will be given.

Prepared to host millions of technology enthusiasts, the festival will end on May 1.

Istanbul Governor’s Office advised visitors to use the rail system instead of private vehicles to prevent congestion and delays that may arise from transportation.

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