Organized for 6 years for a Turkey that develops technology with the vision of the National Technology Move, TEKNOFEST 2023 is held with 118 institutions, including ministries, presidencies, public and private sector institutions, academic institutions and media companies, which play a critical role in the country’s national technology ecosystem.

Carrying the enthusiasm of the festival all over Turkey, TEKNOFEST triples the enthusiasm this year by being held in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara on the 100th anniversary of the Republic. TEKNOFEST 2023, which will bring together millions again, will be held on 16-19 March in İzmir, on 27 April-1 May in Istanbul and on 30 August-3 September in Ankara.

Total prize over 13 million TL

In the festival, where more competition categories are opened every year compared to the previous year, this year TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions, the biggest award-winning technology competitions in the history of Turkey, will be held in 41 main competitions and 102 sub-categories.

In the competitions at TEKNOFEST, more than 13 million TL of prizes and over 30 million TL of material support will be given.

Everything is ready for TEKNOFEST’s 2023 journey with technology, science, aviation-flight shows, exhibitions, summits, workshops, award ceremonies, stage shows, concerts and events, which continue to grow and gain strength every year and hosted by world-famous names.

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