According to Deneyap Technology Workshops, tens of thousands of students receive 11 different training courses, from robotics and coding to nanotechnology, from design and production to artificial intelligence, in 139 workshops in 81 provinces in Turkey.

Applications have begun for those wishing to participate in the workshops established to train future engineers, technology entrepreneurs and technology leaders in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, TÜBİTAK and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation.

With a total of 139 workshops, 262 classrooms and a capacity of more than 20,000 students, 4,000,541 instructors are currently preparing students for the future in the Deneyap Technology Workshops.

Applications for workshops that bring children together with equal opportunities, from student and teacher selection to educational content, from the materials used in the workshops to the workshop concept, close on February 25th.

Applicants must first complete the e-exam. A certain number of candidates who successfully pass this exam will be invited to the second step, online training and task completion. Those who are successful here are invited to take the “practice exam”. Students who successfully complete all phases are eligible to receive training at Deneyap Technology Workshops.

For e-examination questions, candidates can; It measures thinking, reading and interpreting data, drawing conclusions, identifying problems, critical thinking, research, and variable identification skills. In the exam, candidates are asked a total of 40 questions related to mathematics, science, algorithms and general culture.

The training courses last 36 months under 11 different program titles.

Candidates who want to study at Deneyap Technology Workshops go through project-based phases where they can reveal their original ideas and also utilize their technical knowledge.

Students are assessed taking into account their various skills such as self-expression, original thinking, innovation and expertise.

E-Examination applications will be accepted for the workshops from 4th grade, 5th grade, 8th grade, high school preparatory, and 9th grade students during the 2023-2024 school year. Applications for the student selection exam can be made at and Candidates can follow the application process via the Corporate Management System (

With the aim of transforming Turkey into a society that develops technology, Deneyap offers training at two different levels, secondary and high school, through technology workshops.

The training process consists of two phases: the first 24 months of project-based teaching and the last 12 months of the team phase. Design and production, robotics and coding, electronic programming and Internet of Things, advanced robotics, materials science and nanotechnology, energy technologies, aerospace technologies in person in the workshops; Courses on software technologies, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and mobile applications are offered online.

The workshops also include a total of 22 book publications, 11 at secondary school level and 11 at high school level. While these trainings, which last 36 months under 11 different program titles, are offered completely free of charge to students, they must successfully complete the phases in order to participate in Deneyap technology workshops.

Students who are trained in the workshops take part in project parties at the end of each training, using the training, knowledge and experience they have acquired in the field of technology. At these festivals, students gain self-confidence, form their teams and, accompanied by their mentors, prepare for national and international competitions such as TEKNOFEST.

In parallel with the training, technical and scientific trips, picnics and camp programs are also organized to contribute to the social development of Deneyap students.

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