TUSAŞ Motor Industry Inc. (TEI) introduced the engine solutions it developed for aircraft at TEKNOFEST, Turkey’s biggest technology festival hosted by Ankara and hosted by AA for the 8th time.

The first rotating parts of Turkey’s most powerful national aviation engine family TEI-TF6000/TEI-TF10000 were exhibited at the company’s booth.

TEI General Manager Mahmut Akşit told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they have completed the first design cycle of the TF6000 and TF10000 engine family and started the production of the first prototype engine. Aksit said:

“We want to complete the production before the end of the year. As a surprise to the first stage, the rotating part of our engine, especially the fan group in front of it, the high pressure compressor group right behind it, the production of the rotary part is finished, we brought it here. Some call it a plastic model, they can see the truth here. This is the hard part. We have completed various operations, especially the three-dimensional profiles of the rotating part, the quality of the processes, and it is ready now. On the other hand, the production of the outer shell, the carcass of the engine continues. As the second stage, we aim to bring that part to TEKNOFEST in Izmir. TF6000, whose plastic you can see here We are trying to bring the real metal of the engine to TEKNOFEST Izmir. Our goal is to complete the production before the end of this year. On the other hand, our work on developing a test setup that will test this engine continues in parallel. As soon as the production of the engine is finished, we want to finish it, put it on and start the first starter. If nothing goes wrong, we hope that we will hear the sound of an engine before the end of this year.”

Emphasizing that they have achieved unmanned aerial vehicle and helicopter engines, Akşit said that aircraft engines remained.

Pointing out that they broke records by running small-scale versions such as the TJ300 in aircraft engines, Aksit stated that the TF-6000-TF10000 series will truly meet the need for aircraft engines.

“It attracts a lot of attention in the world”

Emphasizing that Turkey will show the whole world that it has gained aircraft engine technology when these engines work, Akşit said, “After this stage, we can make which engine, what size, and for what purpose our state needs, in order. These engines attract a lot of attention from the world. Another request came from a foreign customer just now. They immediately ask, ‘When will you start mass production? ?’ We have foreign customers who ask us for a price quote for these engines: ‘When will you deliver, how much money do you want?’ We get questions. It attracts a lot of attention.” made its assessment.

Informing that the TF-6000 series is ideal for subsonic flights like ANKA-3, but with radar invisibility and less heat trace, Akşit said:

“There are customers from abroad who want to build training aircraft with the pair of the TF-6000. The TF-10000 series will also respond to more supersonic speeds. This is an engine that can fly aircraft like Bayraktar KIZILELMA to supersonic speeds. Two of them can easily provide the power that HÜRJET needs. “It’s a big engine. When we achieve this as technology, everyone will see that we have brought fighter jet engine technology to Turkey. So we have come to the end of the road. UAV engines are ok, helicopter “We need to run and show the engines of the fighter jets, and the engines of the fighter jets are complete. The most difficult part of our production is finished. We hope to finish the rest by the end of the year and hear the sound of the engine.”

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