The Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) has prepared the draft strategic plan for the period 2024-2028.

The 5-year target setting period aims to expand broadband infrastructure and usage, promote new technologies and domestic production, ensure communications systems, infrastructure security and national cybersecurity, improve competition and strengthen consumer rights. The plan is expected to guide Turkey’s information technology, communications and postal sectors.

According to the plan, the length of the fiber optic infrastructure will be increased to 600,000 kilometers this year and to 850,000 kilometers by 2028. The fiber share of total fixed broadband is expected to reach 35 percent in 2024 and the mobile broadband penetration rate will increase to 90 percent.

This year, Turkey is expected to focus on domestic production, research and development and technology development in the field of new generation communication technologies to accelerate digital transformation in these areas, strengthen technology independence and support economic growth.

“Cyber ​​threat protection” is strengthened in critical infrastructures

This year the focus is on activities to ensure national cybersecurity. The main objectives include quickly identifying cyber threats, taking technical measures to generate and prevent alerts, and protecting electronic communications infrastructure and other critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

This year will strengthen coordination with stakeholders on the collection, production and sharing of information on cyber threats and strengthen the fight against these threats through rapid detection and early intervention capabilities.

While it is planned to continue regulatory and audit activities to ensure cybersecurity and conduct regulatory studies on the Internet of Things and its security, the focus will be on strengthening users’ trust in the electronic environment and ensuring the legal validity of electronic transactions.

International regulations on domain names are complied with and the necessary regulations are issued. Steps are also being taken to promote conscious, safe and effective use of the Internet.

Awareness-raising and sensitization measures are carried out to ensure the conscious and safe use of the Internet and technology in society, especially among children and young people, and to develop digital skills.

The number of SOMEs is increasing

As the fight against illegal and harmful content online continues, efforts are also being made to develop local and positive content.

The goal is to increase the number of participants in cybersecurity exercises and increase the number of the National Cyber ​​​​Incident Response Center (USOM) to 2,200.

The number of experts working in SOMEs this year is expected to be 7,220, and the number of participants in the cybersecurity competitions is expected to be 500.

In addition, USOM is scheduled to organize 130 awareness training sessions.

It is estimated that the number of users of secure internet services will reach 43 million this year.

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