Emojis, which are considered as part of the language of the digital world and contain symbols for various situations, are used extensively on virtual platforms, especially social media platforms and instant messaging applications.

July 17 has been celebrated as “World Emoji Day” since 2014.

According to the research of the website Crossword-Solver, there are more than 3,000 emojis available.

The first 2 in the list of the most used emojis are the smiley face and heart emojis with tears of joy. The smiley face emoji with tears of joy stands out as the most used emoji in 75 countries.

Turkey’s favorite is the smiling face with tears of joy

In Turkey, the smiley face emoji with tears of joy is preferred the most. Although this emoji is at the top in most countries, the most used emojis vary in some countries.

For example, heart in the United Kingdom, conjoined hands (praying hands) in India, white heart in Saudi Arabia, and country flag emoji in Switzerland are used more.

Emojis differ between states in the US

The most used emojis in the USA vary between states.

While the green square emoji takes the first place in Washington, the fire emoji is the most preferred in Arizona. It was determined that out of every 10 thousand posts made on Twitter in the USA, 239 had a smiling face with tears of joy, 179 had a green square, and 148 had a yellow square emoji.

In the research, it is stated that although emojis are used all over the world, they are not a universal language at some points, and an emoji that can be considered normal in one country may have various negative meanings in another country.

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