Özgür Güleryüz, General Manager of STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret AŞ, said that the national submarine STM500 is the STM project that excites him the most.

Pointing out that there are 5-6 countries in the world that can design and manufacture their own submarines, Güleryüz stated that they hope Turkey will be among these countries with the STM500. Güleryüz said:

“The design is largely finished. The detailed design will continue even during the manufacturing phase. On the one hand, we started the test production of the outer part of the submarine, which is called a durable boat. Here, on the one hand, our aim is to show that durable boat production can be made by the private sector in Turkey. We carry out these activities in a special place. We will continue the test production of the STM500 in 2023. There is a great interest in the STM500 from different customers, especially from abroad. There are also issues such as creating a project model with them, but we, as STM, will continue to produce the STM500 as much as we can, albeit with our own resources, without waiting. We are motivated to embody and float it as soon as possible. 2023 will be extremely busy, especially the STM500.”

Güleryüz noted that with the works to be carried out this year, the STM500 will become more visible.

Countdown for the striker UAV Alpagu

Answering questions about the Alpagu project, Güleryüz stated that the design and production of the fixed wing striker UAV was completed long ago.

Güleryüz said, “There were certain sensitivities about its stockpiling, and those issues were resolved. In a very short time, Alpagu will enter the inventory of our Turkish Armed Forces. Our motivation at Alpagu from the beginning was: Alpagu, especially land platforms, maybe air platforms and naval platforms. We think that it can be integrated into other platforms much more easily. In that sense, we are working intensively on integration with different platforms.” made its assessment.

New talent for Kargu

Özgür Güleryüz said that they aim to release Alpagut, the Intelligent Roaming Ammunition System they are working on with ROKETSAN, from the UAV platform at the first stage, and then to realize the integration to land and sea platforms in a short time.

Güleryüz stated that STM and ROKETSAN continue their R&D studies to create various tactical UAV systems for different needs.

Güleryüz also spoke about the company’s roadmap on the rotary-wing UAV and stated that these products were developed as a family with STM’s own resources.

Güleryüz provided the following information:

“We started as anti-personnel in Kargu, but armor-piercing ammunition integration activities are in the last testing phase and are about to be completed. There is also an RF seeker head that we developed with our own resources. is one of the leading companies in the field. We also work intensively on the herd concepts of the Kargu. Togan is more of a scout and has features such as sending coordinates or helping the Kargu about the enemy. Boyga has been used very actively recently and the satisfaction is quite high. Our R&D activities continue on different variations of it, in areas such as carrying more than one ammunition or making ammunition a little smarter.You can go to much larger platforms on the rotary wing, but as the platform grows, the probability of being hit increases, but on the one hand, you carry much more payload. drive with our end users We are in contact attached. Different needs and usage concepts are communicated to us and we are capable of creating solutions with our engineering capabilities. Our work in this area will continue.”

Güleryüz also explained that they continue their R&D studies in order to develop different scenarios in the herd concept.

The national submarine will be visible in 2023

Hydrogen launch tests

Özgür Güleryüz stated that they cooperated with Gürbağ Defense for the use of hydrogen in defense industry projects and gave the following information about the studies in this field:

“We want to grow with our ecosystem, not alone in all areas we are in. It is not possible for the company to be competent and successful in all areas. The stronger the companies around you and the partners you can trust, the stronger you become. The company we work with for hydrogen launch also has very serious competencies. Our intensive testing continues.Hydrogen launching both for Alpagu and Alpagut and on other platforms provides a huge advantage. Being able to generate heat for multiple uses, especially instantly, on-site is a huge advantage, and it can be applied not only to drone platforms, but also to different places. solutions. Our collaborations on hydrogen launch continue very successfully, effectively and intensively.”

Pointing out that 2023 will be a much more active year for the defense industry, Özgür Güleryüz said, “I hope we will give much greater good news as both STM and the Turkish defense industry in our country. We will be here with new projects and new export stories.” said.

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