The “Champions League” event will meet football fans for a limited time between February 5 and 11 on TRT Guess Bakalım, Turkey’s most downloaded mobile quiz game. Anyone who completes the event with interesting questions will receive a special badge just for the “Champions League” event.

Nothing in the “Champions League” event!

What is the most extraordinary victory in the history of the Champions League? 5-2? 10-0? If you want to answer the question, take your place at Guess What! a. Don’t miss this limited time event where you will feel like you are taking part in a football match, from the club that plays the most games to the top scorer of the tournament, from yellow to red cards flying through the air!

TRT Guess “Sport” category.

All interesting information about sports such as shooting, basketball, volleyball, horse riding, sailing, athletics, football, wrestling, skiing, tennis, sailing, rowing and hunting can be found in the TRT Guess Sports category. Sports enthusiasts who want to enjoy entertainment and test their sports knowledge at the same time come together at Guess. Users can compete with their friends or rivals and add their names to the leaderboard.

Football fans, visit TRT Guess!

The Football category on TRT Guess Bakalım continues to be the favorite of football fans. Legendary games and players from the four big teams such as Galatasaray, Trabzonspor, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe, historic games won by narrow margins, top scorers and more are waiting for all users interested in football. TRT Guess! for learning and having fun between games at the same time!

TRT Guess what

TRT’s Guess Bakalım digital quiz competition is a free and ad-free quiz for users with main titles such as “Geography”, “Science”, “History”, “Sports”, “General Culture”, “Cinema Television” and “Arts”. and various subcategories. It gives you the opportunity to play.

The application, which has been downloaded over 5 million times since its launch, is constantly renewing itself with events and new categories updated weekly.

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Possibility to play alone or together

There are “Solo” game modes where users can play individually, “Versus” game modes where they can compete with random opponents or friends, as well as “Event” modes with different themes that constantly change according to the country and world agenda be updated. TRT Guess Bakalım continues to be the address for those who want to have fun while spending quality time with their family and friends.

There is a leaderboard in the application that shows the ranking so that users can have fun and learn at the same time. Users can crown their profiles with titles such as Master, Champion, Researcher, Intellectual, Intellectual, Cartographer, Historian, Reader, and Artist.

In TRT Guess Bakalım, the player can create his own game and send an invitation to anyone he wants or create a game for 10 people and compete with his friends. The most important feature that distinguishes TRT Guess Bakalım from other games is that it is completely free and ad-free. Users enjoy uninterrupted entertainment without encountering any advertisements or payments at any stage of this educational online game.

TRT Guess Bakalım can be downloaded from Android and iOS application markets as well as Play Store and App Store.

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