The facilities and capabilities of the Turkish defense industry were sent to the region under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industry, in order to use them in search and rescue works after earthquakes and to eliminate the disruptions in daily life.

Technologies developed within the defense industry played an important role in the earthquake zone. In this context, 78 underground imaging, detection and analysis devices, behind-the-wall radar, 343 camera systems of various types and features, sub-dent imaging device, rod chamber, thermal camera, solar-powered camera, collar camera are used for fast and effective search and rescue teams. given. Many of these equipment were used for the first time in a disaster.

Image support with satellites and UAVs

After the earthquake, by using the satellite image acquisition and processing systems owned by the country, the locations of the buildings damaged in the earthquake were determined in the region, and search and rescue efforts were accelerated and their effectiveness was ensured. Satellite images taken were evaluated and used for search and rescue efforts.

The approach in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior, 50 unmanned aerial vehicles (over 1000 hours with Akıncı, Aksungur, Anka and Bayraktar TB2) and more than 100 multicopter drones, the earthquake zone images were transferred live to the emergency management centers and continue to be transferred. In addition, the base station mounted on the UAV, which is intended to be used in the operation area, first served operationally in the earthquake zone. A significant contribution was made to mobile phone communication with the UAV, which has been in service for more than 30 hours.

In addition to these activities, a large number of tools and materials needed in the works were also sent to the region. Field work is supported with equipment and equipment such as crushers, drills and cutters that will assist search and rescue efforts, especially projectors.

In order to meet the energy need in the region, nearly 1800 generators of various powers were sent to the earthquake zone.

Technical teams, volunteers on the field

Volunteer teams of many defense industry companies, especially the subsidiaries of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, participate in search and rescue efforts in the region and take part in logistics. Many people were rescued from the rubble with the work carried out and supported by the teams.

Turkish defense industry companies organized quickly after the earthquake and, in coordination with AFAD, sent a large number of trucks with food and basic supplies to the region.

Defense industry companies also support aid campaigns to meet the needs after the earthquake with their donations.

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