The team of the 8th National Antarctic Scientific Expedition, which was held under the auspices of the Presidency, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and under the coordination of TÜBİTAK MAM Polar Research Institute, began its work on Antarctica’s Horseshoe Island for the 8th. Just.

The 24 scientists, who arrived at Horseshoe Island as part of 22 projects in various major areas such as earth sciences, natural sciences and life sciences, used the Global Positioning System (GNSS) to monitor sea level and glacial changes, as well as marine life, bacteria and biodiversity, zooplankton, geology and atmospheric research. Projects are being carried out in many areas from conditions to microplastic measurements.

“Preliminary studies for space studies are being carried out in Antarctica”

Head of the 8th National Antarctic Scientific Expedition Prof. Dr. Ersan Başar stated that they reached Horseshoe Island and said: “24 people came to our base, unfurled our Turkish flag and started our work by singing our national anthem together.” said.

Stating that they have conducted preliminary investigations on bird flu cases in the region, Başar emphasized that space studies will be carried out in coordination with studies in Antarctica.

Başar said: “Similar projects are being worked on together. Preliminary studies of space studies are being carried out in Antarctica. Many joint projects are currently being carried out at the same time. Our flag flies in both Antarctica and space at the same time,” he said.

“We are here to look for answers to questions”

Referring to the fact that 24 scientists are continuing their scientific research on Horseshoe Island, Başar said, “Our scientists have asked some questions for our planet and we are here to seek answers to these questions,” said.

When examining Horseshoe Island, where the science camp is located, precautionary measures were taken to prevent the spread of bird flu in the area, which has previously been observed in locations near Antarctica and was recently discovered in the White Continent.

After the inspections, the team began work safely.

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