Minister of Agriculture and Forestry İbrahim Yumaklı made evaluations at TEKNOFEST at Etimesgut Airport.

Pointing out that they continue to explain a vision that prioritizes productivity, quality, sustainability, formality and agricultural investments in agriculture, Yumaklı said:

“One of the most important elements of this is technology. Of course, you use technology at every stage of your life, you need to use it, but if you are producing, you need technology much more. From collecting information to recording them, then at different stages of agricultural production, perhaps manpower and labor. You can use technology when it is not enough. In order to increase efficiency and quality, you absolutely have to integrate technological developments at every stage of production.”

Yumaklı stated that technologies in the fields of vertical and soilless agriculture and irrigation attract attention in the agricultural sector and explained that the use of technology in these areas increases productivity and quality.

“You must increase your production while tackling climate change”

Expressing that they closely follow the developments in agricultural technology in the world, Yumaklı noted that they also support the agricultural technologies developed in Turkey and encourage them to reach the highest level.

Yumaklı stated that the use of technology in agriculture will continue to increase, as in every sector, and made the following assessment:

“There are some elements that have entered our lives more than in previous periods. Climate change is one of them. While you are struggling with climate change, you also have to increase your production and ensure that the production you increase is both efficient and high quality. You can do this by using and prioritizing technology, integrating it at every stage of production.”

High-end technology is used in the fight against forest fires

Explaining that the Ministry uses high technology in the fight against forest fires, which has been on the agenda recently, Yumaklı said, “The main factor underlying our success in recent years is that we have added technology to the fight against these fires. We use technology at a high level, especially in unmanned aerial vehicles, fire extinguishing equipment, air and land vehicles. ” he said.

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