Turkish astronaut Gezeravcı, who is in quarantine with his teammates in Florida, USA, took part in the online press conference held in English with the participation of numerous journalists.

Gezeravcı, who made a statement about space travel, stated that he has worked as both a military and civilian pilot and said: “I say this as someone who had to limit his space dreams to the sky from the beginning, with that I can see.” with the naked eye; this no longer applies to our future generations. Your path will be clear.”

Alper Gezeravcı said that his space travel will carry the dreams of the Turkish people from the sky to the depths of space.

Emphasizing that Turkey has been involved in space studies with domestic satellite technologies for many years, Gezeravcı said: “This trip is not a goal for us, it is just a tool to achieve what we want to achieve in space exploration. This is just a start.”

“I will return as soon as possible after fulfilling this trust given to me.”

Gezeravcı emphasized in his message to the Turkish people in Turkish that sending people into space will take Turkish space exploration to a new level:

“I would like to convey this to all of our citizens who have the opportunity to watch this program. I am grateful to everyone who has obscured the dreams of our future generations for years with our state’s strong decision, and to everyone who helped lift that curtain and carry their dreams into the depths of space. With the strong decision of our state and the opportunities presented by our grateful nation, I am here to fulfill this duty.” “We make it happen. I will return as soon as possible after fulfilling this trust given to me.”

They wear black rings to measure personal performance data

When the AA reporter asked about the black ring that Gezeravcı and his Swedish teammate Marcus Wandt wore on their fingers, Gezeravcı said: “We use these state-of-the-art rings to collect some data about our daily performance,” said.

Gezeravcı explained that the space company Axiom assigned them Spanish coach Emiliano Ventura and is closely monitoring their physical condition: “He makes them undergo advanced sports training. We will wear these rings both at the International Space Center and here to measure them and compare our personal performance data.

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