Ali Taha Koç, President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office, presented the certificates to the students at TEKNOFEST held at Ankara Etimesgut Airport.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the office’s booth in the festival area, Koç stated that young people received a very good training to improve their digital skills.

Explaining that young people attend and complete the training instead of taking a vacation during the summer period, Koç used the following statements:

“We want to continue this enthusiasm by giving the education certificate. These friends were specially selected. They applied to us, they were interviewed, they proved that they are very willing. Our trainings will continue with these friends. We need young people with digital skills in Turkey’s 100th year. These friends also have these skills. they’ve won.”

Students were satisfied with the education

Şevval Kösedağ, one of the students who participated in the training, said in a statement that he will start studying electrical and electronics engineering at METU and said, “After the training we received, we developed a mobile application for exercise. I was thinking of heading to the engine sector, but now I had the idea of ​​​​directing to the software sector. Currently, from zero to intermediate level in software. I came,” he said.

Anıl Canpolat also stated that he is a student at Eskişehir Technical University, department of machinery, “As a result of the training, we developed our own projects and finally got our certificates. I was interested in the software industry, but I did not get into the game that much. Our training further characterized our future goals. I want to develop and present the games of my own idea to people in the coming period.” said.

Training lasted 6 weeks

“Digital Transformation Talent Center (DDYM)”, which was established in the Presidency National Library under the coordination of the Digital Transformation Office, has implemented two different training programs, Swift Coding Workshop and Game Workshop, in order for young people to spend the summer more productively and to get to know the world of digital entrepreneurship better.

In partnership with TRT, METU Atom and METU Teknokent, 100 hours of face-to-face game development and digital entrepreneurship trainings, which started on July 17 and lasted for 6 weeks, were given by different trainers who are experts in their fields.

In addition, 120 hours of Swift and digital entrepreneurship trainings were organized in the workshop established at DDYM by the Office in partnership with Apple in Education and STM.

5,230 people showed interest in the applications opened via e-Government on June 21, and the application process of 410 young people was completed.

The draft candidate list was determined by developing a scoring matrix for the answers given by the young people during the application by the office. One-on-one phone calls were made with a total of 82 candidates from this list, and the final list of 24 people was created.

During this period, female students also showed great interest in education. Training started with a total of 14 female and 10 male students.

While applications were received from all over Turkey, 22 students from 8 cities, 18 universities and 15 different disciplines and 2 students from 2 different high schools were entitled to receive education.

In order for the trainings offered within the scope of DDYM to create a successful awareness among young people, the students, who received training from 15 different trainers who are experts in their fields, had the chance to listen to the knowledge and experiences of trainers from different institutions and organizations.

Educational gains

“Digital Entrepreneurship”, “KANVAS Model”, “Business Plan Development”, “Market and Competitor Analysis”, “Effective Presentation Content Creation” and presentation trainings were given to all students who participated in DDYM game and swift trainings.

During these trainings, students were randomly divided into groups and the groups were asked to produce a technology-based idea. Presentations were made for 8 different original project ideas from 8 different groups, and a CANVAS model was created for each idea.

In addition, within the scope of game trainings, Game Development Document (GDD) was written for more than 20 game ideas and work was started to implement 4 game ideas that made it to the finals as a result of the evaluations.

Students who participated in Apple Swift trainings within the scope of DDYM were able to use Xcode and write code with swift at the end of the training.

In the application part of the training, each of the students developed a sports application. This application basically allows people to access regional training videos faster and create a unique training schedule for themselves and schedule it.

In addition to yoga, cardio and home exercises, the application offers training videos about the muscle group to be trained.

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