The clip of the “Fully Independent Turkey Anthem” was shared on the social media accounts of the event.

The lyrics of the anthem are as follows:

“Full independent Turkey, will we ever give up on you? Our legendary love, our lost love, we will see TEKNOFESTs, we will come to millions of millions, shoulder to shoulder with the youth, we will achieve victories, Kızılelma in the sky, Anatolian waters, Togg hit the roads, now it’s your turn, We TEKNOFEST We grew up with Turkey, we walked to the skies, we saw your excitement, it’s your turn now, imagine it together, here it is, fully independent Turkey.”

The anthem was played for the first time at TEKNOFEST Istanbul, which was held on April 27-May 1 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport with the participation of 2 million 547 thousand people.

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