According to the company’s statement, Togg, which exhibited its products, designs and technologies at CES, also announced the AI ​​camera application.

Togg’s AI camera innovation enables users to record, edit, share and save every moment of their life journey, collecting everlasting memories.

This application brings out the artist in the user as they have direct access to the latest image processing technologies, image management systems, artificial intelligence-based filters and photo editing tools.

The position of the AI ​​camera’s wide-angle lens directly above the rearview mirror allows all passengers to be included in every image.

Thanks to this innovation, even the simplest images can be transformed into high-quality visual representations using 19 different artificial intelligence algorithms, including scene recognition, automatic light correction, face and smile detection, object tracking and automatic focus.

By applying numerous artificial intelligence filters with just one click, new worlds such as space, cat’s paws or future fantasy can be opened up and scenes from epic adventures can be experienced again and again.

Users, who will soon be able to access the AI ​​camera application via TruStore, will be able to edit the images after they are taken before sharing them with their friends on social media, and even include everyone in the fun by putting their image galleries in “Exhibition Mode” during the travel.

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