According to the statement made by Togg, Togg, which set out with the aim of creating an accessible and user-oriented mobility ecosystem, took its place at VivaTech, Europe’s largest startup and technology event, which it participated for the first time last year.

Gathering together with the participants in the “Mobility and Innovation Park by Togg” and “Discovery Stage by Togg” areas as part of the event, Togg supported startups to share their innovative products and services related to mobility with other participants.

“We will continue to cooperate with startups to develop new mobility solutions”

In the statement, “Mobility Matters: How to make cities greener and smarter?” held at VivaTech. Togg’s CEO Gürcan Karakaş, who gave his speech at the panel titled, “The world needs sustainability. Users expect it, but at the same time, sustainability is necessary for the competitiveness of businesses.” used the phrases.

Stating that Togg is a “naturally sustainable” brand, Karakaş said:

“The automotive industry is rapidly transforming. To provide a seamless user experience in the mobility ecosystem, a comprehensive approach is needed in which smart mobility devices are integrated with digital solutions and clean energy solutions. While we are developing new technologies in our sustainability journey, we cooperate strongly with startups and attach great importance to these collaborations because “Innovative technologies developed by startups play a critical role in the mobility ecosystem. We are determined to increase our cooperation with startups on smart energy solutions that will provide users with a comfortable mobility experience, smart life solutions in smart cities and new mobility services.”

– “We aim to be carbon neutral by 2030”

Karakaş stated that they are working on many issues from the circular economy to the recycling of products, “Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Storage Technologies, which we established in partnership with Farasis Energy, acts with the vision of ‘Making the world livable by spreading clean energy storage solutions’. At the same time, with our Trugo brand, which we own 100%. We offer charging services using energy obtained from renewable sources. We have a goal of being carbon neutral by 2030.” used the phrases.

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