In the post on the Turkish Space Agency (TUA) social media account, he shared the experiment dictionary for “MİYOKA”, the lead-free soldering research in microgravity environments, which is among the experiments in question. The aim of the experiment was to assemble lead-free components on the ISS’s electronic board.

The following definitions have been included in the post:

– Solder: A fusible alloy used to join metal parts under heat

– Lead-free solder: An alternative solder that is environmentally friendly and less harmful to health when producing electronic cards.

– Electronic component: The basic building block that performs a specific function in electronic circuits and processes electrical signals.

– Assembly: This is the process of creating an electronic circuit by putting components together.

– New Space: Refers to innovative and entrepreneurial space activities that arise outside the traditional space industry and are generally focused on the private sector

– Pure tin: Gray element with low melting point and solid at room temperature

– Low Earth Orbit: Altitude that allows fast data communication, typically between 160 and 2000 kilometers.

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