President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal made an evaluation on the “Target 2053 Net Zero Emission R&D and Innovation Breakthrough”.

Pointing out that climate change threatens the energy, water and food supply security of all countries, Mandal said that this problem also disrupted the supply chains and led to a decrease in the trade volume.

Mandal reminded that with the Paris Agreement, to which Turkey is a party, countries are fighting against climate change and its reflections.

“Turkey will be more affected by the effects of climate change”

Pointing out that Turkey will be affected by the effects of climate change by 20% more than other regions in the world due to its location, Mandal said:

“In such a period, it is important for our country to become self-sufficient by increasing the resilience of its domestic and foreign supply chains and to seize opportunities for repositioning in regional and global supply chains. Our net zero emission target of 2053 was set by Tayyip Erdoğan. The majority of the issues that need solutions for combating climate change and adaptation are issues that can be solved by studies and investments in future technologies instead of today’s technologies.Green hydrogen and ammonia, carbon capture, use and storage, new generation nuclear Breakthrough technologies are needed in many areas, including reactors, advanced energy storage, synthetic biology, digital agriculture, low-carbon steel, aluminum, cement and green chemistry.”

27 critical technology areas analyzed

Emphasizing that countries are looking for ways to come together and find solutions in international media, Mandal said, “As the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Board, under the chairmanship of President Erdoğan, to discuss the steps to be taken in the field of science, technology and innovation towards Turkey’s 2053 net zero emission target with relevant institutions. 2053 Net Zero Emission R&D and Innovation Breakthrough” meeting.

Mandal said, “In line with our 2053 net zero emission target, we will ensure that global risks are eliminated, opportunities are captured and our country takes a leading role in technologies that will serve green transformation by developing groundbreaking technologies that will meet the needs of our country’s green development locally.”

Mandal stated that within the scope of the “R&D and Innovation Breakthrough Project”, a common vision will be determined and coordination will be ensured with national institutions and organizations in order to realize the breakthroughs in the technologies of the future.

Pointing out that as the Board, under the leadership of President Erdoğan, studies are carried out in critical areas for the country, Mandal made the following assessment:

“First of all, by examining the examples of other countries, we formed the framework of the strategic approach that will accelerate our R&D and innovation breakthrough in line with the needs of our country and in the fight against global challenges. In this direction, we focused on creating medium and long-term national technology policy proposals by identifying areas of technological transformation, rather than short-term solutions. We have adopted a perspective that prioritizes socioeconomic benefit and takes the process from idea to commercialization holistically.In order to contribute to the process of determining the priority technology areas that Turkey will focus on, 27 critical technology areas that come to the fore in terms of global trends and national needs are comprehensively analyzed in two basic dimensions: impact and feasibility. We analyzed it.”

“TUBITAK works for a self-sufficient and pioneering Turkey”

Reminding that the importance of green development is emphasized in the Turkish Economy Model, Mandal said, “Our green development process directly concerns many different sectors and application areas such as energy, agriculture, ecosystem and biodiversity, clean production and circular economy, health and transportation. In this context, 2053 net We will develop science and technology-based solutions in the coordination of all ecosystem stakeholders within the scope of ‘R&D and Innovation Breakthrough’ that will serve the zero emission target.

Emphasizing that President Erdoğan will personally follow the research, development and innovation breakthroughs that will be carried out within the scope of the breakthrough they have started, Mandal said that as the Board, they will carry out studies to contribute to this national goal at the highest level with a wide consultation network.

Mentioning the work to be done in the future, Mandal said:

“The visions set forth within the scope of our ‘Target 2053 Net Zero Emission R&D and Innovation Breakthrough’ and the ‘Century of Turkey’ vision, including the century of science, productivity, production, success, digital, youth, future, development and sustainability, are the cornerstones of our perspective. We will set our country’s targets for different time dimensions in breakthrough technologies for the net zero emission target of 2053. With the motto of achieving national initiatives such as TOGG and our Kovid-19 Turkey Platform in groundbreaking technology fields, together with all relevant stakeholders Our President will announce our national initiatives. We will ensure the joint planning and follow-up of R&D and innovation activities for the goals we have set. Another important issue is the current situation in the field of green technologies, an area with a high international financing dimension, and that these opportunities are also available in our country. active in favor We will use it.”

Priority needs and global risks are also taken into account

Mandal stated that TÜBİTAK is working for a self-sufficient and pioneering Turkey within the scope of the breakthrough.

Emphasizing that they will continue to increase their work based on science, technology and innovation, and success together, Mandal said:

“In line with TÜBİTAK’s 2053 net zero emission target of our country in 2022, we continued to determine future plans and implement them in an agile manner in order to support the fight against climate change and environmental problems and green-digital bilateral transformation in priority R&D and innovation issues. TÜBİTAK, with its strategic approach based on achieving together, which puts the production of qualified knowledge and the training of qualified human resources at the center, takes into account global risks, national needs and priorities in science, technology and innovation. will continue to support the creation of innovative solutions in order to create a target-oriented impact in the ecosystem.”

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