According to the compilation made from the data of the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Statistical Institute, exports of manufacturing industry products increased by 12.9 percent on an annual basis in 2022 and rose to 240 billion 320 million dollars.

When evaluated in terms of technology classes, exports of high-tech products increased by 15.1 percent in the said period and reached 7 billion 422 million dollars.

In the same period, exports of medium-high technology products increased by 14.5 percent to 81 billion 285 million dollars, exports of medium-low technology products increased by 11.8 percent to 73 billion 908 million dollars, and exports of low-tech products increased by 12.2 percent to 77 billion 705 million dollars. .

High-tech product imports decreased

In this period, total imports of manufacturing industry products increased by 26.8 percent according to technology intensity and reached 261 billion 208 million dollars.

Imports of “high-tech products” decreased by 0.5 percent last year, decreasing to 25 billion 478 million dollars.

In 2022, Turkey imported 108 billion 476 million dollars of “medium high technology”, 95 billion 304 million dollars of “medium-low technology” and 31 billion 950 million dollars of “low technology” products.

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