In his statement, Asisguard General Manager Barış Düzgün said that they have been working with HAVELSAN as a reliable subcontractor for about 2 years, and they have provided hardware and camera solutions to KAPGAN, BARKAN and BAHA.

Stating that these efforts constituted the way to merge with HAVELSAN, Duzgun made the following evaluations regarding the contribution of HAVELSAN to become a partner in the company:

“Sustainability, continuity and the presence of a company supported by the state will increase the image created by Asisguard in the foreign market. Before HAVELSAN, we had roles and sales in the foreign market. In 2022, our turnover of 60% came from abroad. HAVELSAN’s credibility on the other side will take us one step further in the question of continuity. There are countries in which we are active in Africa, Pacific Asia. There are markets where HAVELSAN has been active due to the past years and its size. Different market areas will be opened for their products, and our products will be together with them. We think it will come to different markets.”

New export to Nigeria

Duzgun, who also gave information about their export activities, stated that they signed a border security solution export contract with Nigeria, to which they had previously sold the armed drone system SONGAR, after a two-year effort.

Noting that they cooperated with 3 big companies in the Turkish defense industry for this export, Düz continued as follows:

“We did not propose a drone, but a system of systems. Because you cannot take precautions only with drones and cameras for border security or road safety. You have to see, decide at the command and control center and finally take precautions. Our entire product range did not actually meet this need. Thereupon, Nurol Makina We acted with HAVELSAN, STM, HAVELSAN. We explained a combination and system solution in Nigeria with HAVELSAN’s BAHA, STM’s surveillance drone, Nurol’s armored vehicles. We would not have been able to explain it if these big companies in the country had not given us permission. We signed the contract with the Nigerian Ministry of Defense a while ago. A record per capita export figure for a 100-person company like us is $36.5 million. A company-to-government agreement. It will lead to the company’s permanence in Africa and the demand for similar products. The effects of this are 2 “We saw it in three weeks. We are preparing exemplary projects for different African countries. If you ask me, I think this company will enable it to go in Africa with this momentum for at least 10 years.”

SONGAR product family is coming

Emphasizing that exporting means field experience and the chance to develop products in different geographies, Denge said, “It is not the same for a product you make in Ankara to fly in Nigeria, Pacific Asia, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. We have formed a very experienced team in this regard. Maybe we stayed there for 3 months, maybe 1.5 months, my friends didn’t return home. Thanks to this, we started to complete the development phase of SONGAR and add the requests from the customers.” said.

Explaining that they added different useful loads to SONGAR after the automatic rifle, and added night vision and electronic warfare capabilities, Düz said that they doubled the flight time with the developments in the battery.

Stating that they had focused on developing solutions with a single drone before, but in line with current developments, they put a SONGAR family on their agenda, “Now we are moving towards several family drones for different purposes. Our only goal is not to produce them in Turkey in their class. To produce them again in Turkey. “We don’t want certain things. We want to continue in areas that are not produced and have gaps in the market.” he said.

“Everywhere buys this product again”

Indicating that it is very important for users to re-order products, Denge said, “The first sale is with your connections, the second sale is the sale of the product. We made the second sale wherever we sell. We have very serious talks with 3-4 countries as a result of this. , sometimes we don’t say it, but I’m proud to say that every place I sell buys this product again.” used the phrases.

Asked about SONGAR’s next roadmap and the talents it will gain, Barış Duzgun said:

“We have a problem with integrating every ammunition that it can carry. We are in talks with large companies on these issues as well. Let’s integrate them into SONGAR and sell them abroad. We have products on our roadmap that we want to add with 3 big companies. We will make a cooperation agreement with one of them in the near future. We are going to field studies with the other. Adding different payloads.Besides, we aim to export with our other products in every country we enter together with SONGAR.Because I don’t think export success with one product is enough.We want to provide system solutions with our cameras, vehicle modernizations, border security solutions, road security solutions and do this with stakeholders. “

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