Mandal, Turkey’s Permanent Representative to the European Union (EU) Faruk Kaymakcı and EUREKA Secretary General Brit Helle spoke at the event held at the EU Permanent Representation residence in Brussels, as Turkey will assume the EUREKA Term Presidency on 1 July.

Reminding that EUREKA was founded in 1985 and Turkey actively participated in the programs of the platform, Mandal stated that the EUREKA Term Presidency had been carried out by Turkey twice before and that the presidency would continue for 1 year.

Pointing out that the roles of TÜBİTAK and EUREKA are largely compatible, Mandal said that these institutions play a very important role in promoting research and innovation to various stakeholders, including small and medium-sized enterprises, academics and industries.

Stating that TÜBİTAK has bilateral cooperation with 98 institutions from 67 countries, Mandal noted that they are full members of the Horizon Europe program and that they are partners in 286 projects involving 450 different institutions in Europe.

Mandal said, “EUREKA has been a cornerstone for research and innovation in science and technology. EUREKA has enabled numerous successful projects that foster cross-border collaborations and enable the growth of innovative ventures.” said.

Expressing that EUREKA is a valuable organization and that they are determined to make a tangible impact and promote excellence in their presidency, Mandal said that they primarily aim to improve the effectiveness of EUREKA instruments.

Mandal pointed out that they will make the communication of the results of projects and initiatives more effective.

Reminding that climate change has become an important priority, Mandal said, “This is why I think green and digital transformation is very important.” he said.

EUREKA call for expansion

Mandal pointed out that it is very important to widen the visibility of EUREKA, emphasizing the importance of the participation of new countries, including those from the Western Balkans.

Explaining that EUREKA is one of the important organizations that give the right answer on how to overcome a problem, Mandal stated that they will focus on building bridges against global challenges during their presidency.

Ambassador Kaymakcı said, “I am proud that EUREKA Term Presidency marks the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.” said.

Stating that he is happy to host the event held in cooperation with EUREKA, Kaymakcı said that helping scientists develop a joint project has produced very positive results.

Expressing that EUREKA is an open-minded platform and offers opportunities to countries in other regions of Europe, Kaymakcı emphasized that he is pleased that science can bring everyone together.

EUREKA Secretary General Helle said, “It is a privilege for me to be with you this evening to officially celebrate the inauguration of Turkey’s EUREKA Presidency.”

“I am very happy to be with all the friends of EUREKA.” Helle stated that she looks forward to cooperating in the EUREKA network under the leadership of Turkey for the next 12 months.

Helle noted that EUREKA is the largest research, development and innovation network of its kind, providing public funding to small and medium-sized businesses, large companies, universities and research institutions, especially those working together on international projects.

Reminding that 47 countries and the EU Commission are members of the EUREKA network, Helle stated that their programs are developed and adapted according to an ever-changing innovation environment.

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