Gezeravcı is conducting two more of the 13 experiments he will conduct on the International Space Station. The first of these was the “VOCALCORD” experiment, which will allow the detection of vital responses to life in space through changes emanating from the “vocal cord” and the identification of disturbances caused by low gravity using sound frequencies.

Prof. from Haliç University. DR. The experiment, whose project leader is Gökhan Aydemir, aims to detect the discomfort felt by the frequency change of the voice using the artificial intelligence of smartwatches within the physiology of the respiratory system and to study the effects of the weightless environment on the human voice.

Gezeravcı’s second experiment was carried out by Prof. from Yıldız Technical University. DR. It will be “ALGALSPACE” where Didem Özçimen is the project leader and titled “A Comparative Study on the Cultivation of Microalgae in Antarctica and Temperate Regions under Space Conditions”.

This experiment is the first in the literature to conduct a study on the use of polar algae in space by comparing the growth data of microalgae from Antarctica and the temperate zone in space. algae in the space environment; Its use in oxygen regeneration from carbon dioxide, supplemental food supply, water improvement and life support is being investigated.

Three test runs started so far

Gezeravcı has conducted three experiments since arriving on the International Space Station.

Astronaut Gezeravcı, “EXTREMOPHYTE”, who studies the physiological and molecular responses of the endemic halophyte plant called Schrenkiella Parvula, which grows in Lake Tuz, to the space environment, aims to develop new plants to provide the nutrients that a large number needed by humans Who will live in space in the future is intended to support environmental controls in closed living environments and is continuing its first step: “CRISPR-GEM” and “Expert” experiments that investigate whether microalgae species can be used in life support systems in space.

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