Organized by the partnership of many organizations that play a critical role in the development of national technology in Turkey, the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TEKNOFEST continues on its second day at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Türksat AŞ General Manager Ertok said in a statement to the AA correspondent at the event that they have been working as a stakeholder in the competition since the first TEKNOFEST and they have held a Model Satellite Competition.

Stating that they held the competition for the 8th time this year, Ertok said, “We carried out our final flights 2 days ago in Salt Lake in Aksaray. 114 teams participated in this year’s competition. We also performed the flights of 15 university teams in the final stage. It was a successful competition. Every year, too. There is an increasing interest. An increasing number of teams apply from abroad every year. A team from Indonesia also participated in the final stage this year.” he said.

“6A, Turkey’s most important R&D project”

Ertok stated that by setting up a booth at the fair area of ​​TEKNOFEST, they are trying to explain what the satellite and space technologies have come to with applications for children and what they are doing as Türksat and Türksat Bilişim.

Expressing that they want to shine a light for children by showing them where Turkey has come and where it is progressing in the field of technology, Ertok said:

“We want to shine a light so that they can work more in this field, our engineers can train more and we lead the world in the field of technology. This is the main aim of the National Technology Move. We, as Türksat, try to achieve this as much as we can.

Last year, we put our 5D satellite into service. The newest and most powerful satellites of our 5A and 5B satellite fleet. The testing phase of the Türksat 6A satellite, which is a very important project, continues. Tests of the flight model are carried out. Hopefully, we expect the tests to be completed and the satellite delivered to us by the end of this year. The 6A satellite is domestic production and Turkey’s most important R&D project. A significant number of our engineers are working on this project. We aim to launch our satellite early next year. We will continue to work on rejuvenating our satellite fleet.”

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