In the online interview moderated by TÜBİTAK Bilim Genç’s Editorial Director Kübra Bal Çetinkaya, Gezeravcı and Atasever, who are continuing their education in America before space travel, gave information about themselves, their education and dreams. Afterwards, the questions sent by the young people who are interested in satellite and space fields were answered by Gezeravcı and Atasever.

Gezeravcı, who was chosen as Turkey’s first space traveler, said that he came across the space travel advertisements by chance and applied after seeing that he met the necessary criteria. Expressing his happiness after learning that he was elected, Gezeravcı conveyed the details of the training they will receive in 3 different institutions in the USA. Stating that the theoretical trainings continue, Gezeravcı also stated that the measurements of the space suits they will use during the space travel were taken. Mentioning that they will be quarantined after completing the test stages and technical requirements, Gezeravcı said, “After completing the 2-week isolation process, the launch will be carried out on its planned date. Our Minister of Industry, Mustafa Varank, has previously stated that space travel is planned in the last quarter of this year.”

Underlining that the space journey they will initiate will continue in the future, and that this is a start, Gezeravcı said, “After this important first step taken by our country, we will be bringing a significant accumulation of experience to Turkey. We aim to transfer this knowledge to future generations as a role model and educator. We are planning,” he said.

Scientific experiments will be conducted in space travel

Atasever said that he had been aiming to go to the Moon since he was a child and that he was very excited when he heard about the announcements of space travel and applied. Explaining that after the applications, online and physical tests were conducted for a period of 6-7 months before he was selected as a space traveler, Atasever stated that after that, one-on-one interviews were conducted.

Noting that the International Space Station can be reached between 7-39 hours, Atasever gave information about the launch day. Pointing out that scientific experiments will be conducted on many different subjects within the scope of space travel, Atasever emphasized that these will provide significant gains to the country.

Atasever also touched on the nutrition program in space and noted that they will consume foods that have been dehydrated and dried after special processes.

Pointing out that young people who want to be astronauts should set goals and run towards that goal with perseverance, Atasever emphasized that the country has the technical intelligence and financial strength for this.

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