Alper Gezeravcı gave information about the trainings that started in the USA, and said that they also received training in Japan and Germany.

Pointing out that they have seen the clothes worn by space travelers in documentaries or movies, Gezeravcı said:

“These clothes were always imposing and different to our eyes. The day I met with that outfit was a very different experience for me. It was really extraordinary to experience that it is not just a piece of clothing, but actually a living organism by wearing it. Our dreams were limited until today. Today, TEKNOFEST’ We are here to meet our little brothers who have no limit to their dreams and who are much luckier than us. We are happy to be together with our brothers and sisters whose dreams are not limited like us.”

Stating that the launch will be carried out by the end of 2023, Gezeravcı underlined that he does not look at the space travel mission individually.

“This duty, which our country has set a will, is the duty of the Republic of Turkey, even though our name is symbolically mentioned. This is the story of everyone and a story that everyone embraces and will carry with pride. We are very happy to receive joint attention from all segments of society.

Gezeravcı advised young people to develop themselves intellectually and to learn at least one language within their means.

“We came here to attend TEKNOFEST, even for a day”

Tuva Cihangir Atasever also said that they have started intensive training in the USA as of April 2023, and explained that the stakeholders involved in the launch have undergone both theoretical and practical training at the facilities of the relevant institutions:

“Our trainings continue in different parts of the world. Before here, we were in Germany to participate in the training program. Now we came here to participate in TEKNOFEST, even for a day. Tomorrow we will return to the USA and continue our training from where we left off.”

Atasever stated that all of the trainings were unforgettable for him and underlined that they were the first 2 people in Turkey to receive these trainings.

“Exposing the technical knowledge in the trainings and being able to contribute to the development of the manned space program in our country later on is a source of indescribable pride. When I was a child, I had no dream of becoming an astronaut when I grew up. When I learned that the selection process for a Turkish astronaut would start for the first time in May 2022, I applied without hesitation. I wasn’t dreaming, but after I took that road, I continued with great determination.”

“Space is the most exciting adventure field I can imagine”

Advice to young people to hold tight to whatever field they are interested in, Atasever pointed out the importance of having ambitious dreams and then turning them into determined goals:

“We exist to get the youth excited and to convey the knowledge we have gained so that this road that our country has taken is not a one-time step, but turns into a marathon, to make them excited and hopeful. This is our whole aim. Turkey has gone through quite difficult times. In the process that started with the earthquake, people really need morale and motivation. There is space. Space is the most exciting adventure field I can imagine. It is our primary duty to convey this excitement and hope to our young people.”

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